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IVF News

IVF taller

Techniques to help pregnancy may cause change of genes associated with
Growth and regulation of body fat

A new study shows that children who were born the help of IVF techniques taller and have better cholesterol levels compared with their peers who were born after a normal pregnancy.The researchers in New Zealand by comparing the 50 children born after a successful pregnancy through IVF techniques and in vitro with 60 others born after a normal pregnancy were all healthy, did not
Their brothers and twins followed until they were six or seven years old and measure the height and density of their bones and their blood examined, taking into account the length of the parents and the weight of each of them.And found that those children who were conceived fertilization outside were born in the earliest about a week and the weight of the valley is less than their counterparts, but they were taller than children who have ensued for a normal pregnancy, noting that the IVF women were longer than males who were born in the same way.The researchers cautioned at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society meeting in San Diego recently that tests of fat in the blood was better when IVF where there was an observed higher levels of good cholesterol and less of triglycerides harmful and bad cholesterol was not observed any differences between normal children and in vitro in terms of insulin levels during fasting or the structure of the body.The researchers believe that these results might be due to techniques that help to pregnancy may cause a change
Genes associated with growth and regulation of body fat.

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