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Abraham Jothelv Kistner, German mathematician.

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Abraham Jothelv Kistner (German: Abraham Gotthelf Kästner), born (September 27, 1719 in Leipzig - and died in June 20, 1800 in Göttingen) is a poet and mathematicianAbagramat German.


Kistner was born in Leipzig and his father was Abraham Kistner professor of law. And in 1757 he married long after the betrothal of the 12 years I Rosina Baumann. The wife died on the fourth of March 1758 of lung disease. And later fathered a daughter, KistnerKatarenh hut of his housekeeper.
Kistner studied law, philosophy, physics, mathematics and Almitafsiqa in Leipzigstarting in 1731. At the appointed in 1733 documented for decades. Then in in 1739began giving lectures in mathematics and philosophy, logic and law at the University ofLeipzig. And in 1746 became a part-time professor at the University of Leipzig, and Professor Emeritus of the subjects of nature and engineering in 1756 at the University ofGöttingen. In 1763 he became head of the astronomical observatory there. He was a teacher and later a fellow of both the Lichtenberg and Arksiln. One of his students alsoCarl Friedrich Gauss, Johann Tobias Mayer and Heinrich Wilhelm Brandes. He died in 1800, an adviser in the court of Gottingen.
Kistner was a prominent athletes and has works in this area, including the book "Fundamentals of Mathematics (Book)" and the book "History of Mathematics (Book)."

Source: Wikipedia

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