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State of Palestine is threatening the U.S.

The White House said that he inherited a careful between the United States and the Arab world, which complicates the task of President Barack Obama in improving the image of his country in the Middle East, in the midst of the face of the United Nations on the Palestinian state.

The Ben Rhodes - Assistant U.S. national security adviser - that there was an improvement - in the eyes of public opinion - to his country's image in Africa, Asia, Europe and North and South America, since the election of Obama.

In the Arab world - and the talk Rhodes milk - there is also a big challenge, attributing this to the negative impact caused by the old caution accumulated over a very long time, and the difficulty in resolving such conflicts quickly, as he put it.

"It is obvious that there is great frustration in the Arab world is linked to the lack of progress in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian issue."

The United States, alluded to again use its right of veto in the face of the Palestinian quest for membership of a Palestinian state in the United Nations, and reiterated it after the speech by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday that the Assembly stressed his determination to move made in this direction.

He said State Department spokesman Mark Toner said that direct negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis a real priority, and that any further action would be fruitful.

The White House said Friday that Obama will meet with Israeli officials this week to advance the negotiations with the Palestinians.

Said Ben Rhodes, said the meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - who strained his relations with Obama - will focus mainly on how to rebuild the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks back on track, and is expected to be interviewed on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Israeli response
In response to Abbas's speech, Netanyahu said that peace is not achieved unilateral steps and reconciliation with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

He said in a statement issued by his office that direct negotiations with Israel is the only way to achieve peace, accusing the Palestinian Authority President Abbas and what he called the evasion of direct dialogue with Israel.

The Israeli newspaper quoted a senior official level - unnamed - as saying that Israel is not willing to be extorted by threatening to go to the Security Council or the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The official ruled that Israel agrees to talk about the limits of a permanent or a settlement freeze in the West Bank.

For its part, called on opposition leader and former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, the Israeli government to initiate talks with the Palestinians.

She said in a press statement that a diplomatic agreement is "the only way to maintain a Jewish Israel and its democracy, security and acceptance in the world, and this is possible."

It is noteworthy that President Abbas said in a speech on Friday in Ramallah Palestinians' determination to go to the UN Security Council in order to obtain membership of the State of Palestine on the borders of the United Nations in 1967 and independence is not a request, and will return later to resume negotiations with Israel.

Abbas said in his speech in front of dozens of Palestinian officials, the presidential headquarters in Ramallah, "our decision that all informed of our going to the Security Council. Once you take the floor I will demand of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to bump up to the President of the Security Council."

Source: Al Jazeera + agencies

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