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Increasing incidence of America Ballistrea

U.S. officials announced that the incidence of listeria bacteria from contaminated food is a matter of concern, as the number of deaths to 16 people so far.
Has announced several U.S. centers for the prevention of communicable diseases that 18 U.S. states reported until Tuesday on the prevalence of four types of deadly bacteria listeria, which indicates the existence of an epidemic.
According to official sources, the U.S. competent have been reported for more than 72 cases died, including 16 cases in New Mexico, Colorado and Texas, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma.
The same sources said that tests had confirmed the deaths of 13 people as a result of infection with the bacterium Listeria, while tests are still underway to ascertain the cause of death and three others.
Center of the epidemicThe official sources pointed out that experts traced the source of the epidemic to a farm in the state of Colorado has already recovered quantities of fruit Alcantlob contaminated with bacteria, as well as the committees on health inspection found some of that contaminated fruit shops in the state in question.
She added that investigations revealed that the amounts of these contaminated fruits from the farm mentioned in the State of Colorado, shipped to 25 other state during the period from July 29 to September 10 / September two years.
Meanwhile, medical sources warned of the possibility of a competent high number of injuries because the symptoms do not appear quickly, as the patient may take four weeks to feel the disease which is caused by eating foods contaminated with the bacterium listeria.
In this context, the doctors that the long incubation period of the bacteria is of great concern because the disease can be started actually outbreak since a period of not less than two weeks, but the infection does not appear only in the past few days, and therefore can not limit the location and number of casualties has accurate.
The number of deaths exceeds the announced figure death toll Alslamonala outbreak in 2009, where he scored at the time, only nine deaths out of 700 cases.
ListeriaScientific point of listeria bacteria is found in soil and water springs, plants and food in general, and cause infection of the same name relative to the doctor and the British scientist Joseph Lister.
These bacteria are characterized by unique features, including the ability to live in low temperatures ranging from 4 to 37 C, the same grades that are found in warehouses and cooling fruit is pasteurized dairy products and processed foods such as sausages.
And usually show symptoms of the disease in the form of a rise in temperature of the patient and symptoms of the disease close to meningitis. The disease is a major threat to the elderly, pregnant women and patients with weakened immune systems.
Source: agencies

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