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Human Rights ": 2700 dead in Syria

The Office of Human Rights at the United Nations on Monday that Syrian security forces killed 2700 of anti-government protesters since the beginning of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad in March / last March, including at least 100 children.
Called Kyung-wha Kang, Deputy United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights the Assad government to cooperate with the international investigation into the bloodshed, to ensure accountability for all perpetrators of violations.
Kang said - in a speech before the Human Rights Council of the United Nations - "Even today, killing 2,700 people - including at least 100 children - at the hands of the army and security forces since the start of mass protests in mid-March / March past."
She said "in spite of the increasing pressure from the international community during the last six months since the start of the demonstrations, the bloody repression in Syria condenses." "During recent weeks called for large demonstrations in other parts of Syria to the international protection and to the presence of international observers."
"Ultimately, it is the catastrophic situation indicates that more and more of Human Rights in Syria and to the urgency of an effective international response to treatment."
She "on the Council and its members continue to use various means available for this purpose", and Kang pointed out that the Syrian government has promised political reforms but "consistently repudiated the promises of excessive use of torture and other abuses."

She added, "I conclude by stressing the importance of holding accountable the perpetrators of crimes against humanity, were found to be likely that such crimes committed in Syria," referring to a UN report released in August / August.
The mission of experts mandated by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights spoke in a report in August / August for the past practices committed by the Syrian security forces could amount to "crimes against humanity" worthy of referral to the International Criminal Court.
Crush protestsKang told the Council - which comprises 47 countries - that the Syrian security forces continue - backed by tanks, helicopters and snipers - crushed the protests in cities including Homs, Lattakia and Damascus, and a shield.
She said that large-scale attack in Homs this month left at least 23 civilians dead and dozens injured.
She added, "and reported the output of the Syrian security forces forcibly patients from hospitals, including the operating rooms in Homs, and prevented medical personnel from reaching the injured."
She stated that the Syrian activists demanded international protection and deployment of international observers in the country, in an indication of the seriousness of the situation.
Syrian refusal toAnd, in turn, rejected the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva Faysal Khabbaz Hamwi Kang's remarks and the results of the initial report of the United Nations, prepared by the International Organization investigators who were not allowed to enter the country, describing bias.

He said that "there are many gangs in Syria, you want to trigger sedition and attack innocent civilians and the destruction of police stations and killed several members of the police."
He added that "many members of these gangs were arrested and admitted that they fired on the protesters to incite violence."
He explained that the Syrian government "will continue to implement its comprehensive reform and the protection of its citizens and their property."
Denounce the U.S.For its part, denounced the U.S. Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe "ongoing campaign of repression" by the Syrian government, and reiterated U.S. calls for a lion to step down.
She said that "The death toll is increasing every day," citing a United Nations report which found that the Syrian forces responsible for the executions and arbitrary arrest and torture.
She added that "Damascus step down repeatedly blamed the rebel gunmen in damage to thousands of its citizens who bleed in the streets of Syria, these assurances are not credible."
The French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said on Monday in New York that "silence is unacceptable," the UN Security Council what he described as "crimes against humanity" in Syria.
Juppe said - in remarks to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York - "there are crimes against humanity committed in Syria and the regime's leaders must be held accountable for this."
He added that the leaders of the Syrian regime must be held accountable for crimes against humanity committed during their campaign against anti-government protests.

Source: agencies

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