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Maryam attest to the sincerity of the Qur'an

NOTE observed by scientists who have embraced a
Islam after a long reflection, this sura
Great - Surat Mariam - ....

I liked the comments of Dr. Miller, one of the mathematiciansWho converted to Islam out of conviction,When he tried to read the Koran and was expectedTo find the newly wives of the ProphetOr his friends or his life story ... OrAny things concerning him, but on the contraryFound an entire chapter talking about Our Lady Mary.This has shocked the world, the four ValonagelNot allocated Sura of Mary peace be upon her,But did not remember the name of Mary, more than twice orThree times ... But found that the name of MaryRepeated in the Qur'an (34) times, and in all the versesThere is praise and purification of Mary peace be upon her,Had Muhammad peace be upon himIs the author of the Quran, why devote so much spaceTo talk about Christ and his mother ... He forgets his wife Khadija, for example?!The name (Jesus) in the Qur'an 25 times,And the name (Jesus) said 11 times, whileName (Muhammad) did not mention only 4 times in the Quran!If we look at all the verses of the Qur'an we find the same divine source,Often comes a form of veneration,For example: (I mentioned we went to him and I privates) [stone: 9](Verily, We inherit the earth and them and come back to us) [Maryam: 40],(Verily, We salute the dead and write what we have and their relics, and everything in Ahsenah Imam shown) [Yassin: 12].(Verily, We salute and grown-determination and to us) [s: 43].(Verily, We sent down the Quran Downloads You) [rights: 23].Consider the wording of these verses with me that can not beTo be written by Muhammad peace be upon him,Because if the Prophet wanted to compose the Koran,Why should address the people in this format (Verily, We)?Why did not you say (I)? The reason is very simple,He who revealed the Quran is God Almighty,He is the Creator of the universe who gives life and causes death, the Almighty what associates.In this Surah is mentioned Jesus ChristAccording to Mary, Our Lady peace be upon them,The Quran corrected misconceptions that the Jews madeGreat about this woman, from FberohaObscenity and purity on the women of the world!Also corrected the misconceptions about Quran ChristHe is the Messenger of God is honored in miracles.

Here the question arises: What is the interest
Muhammad peace be upon him, when corrected these misconceptions?
Why all the Prophets said male Well
Unlike the Torah, which accuses the prophets of God
Immorality, drinking alcohol, lying, cheating ...
Why is this the Prophet (PBUH)
Of this patch and where it came from this information?
The answer is very simple:
Is that knowledge which is who knows the facts
He is Allah Almighty, and therefore this sura
Honestly see the Quran, and not as the claim that
Prophet peace be upon him to take his information
Of the Torah and the Bible before him, even if it
Also, we find either that the Qur'an repeats
Bible story or deny this story.
But, the Quran came to the story
With the true logic and science.
God Almighty Creator of the universe can not have a child,
What he needs for the child, and since the Creator of all things,
Why take the boy? What is the mission of this boy?
Is it God or what he do? Therefore, we find the truth
Oneness of God and accept even a small child,
This indicates that man by nature, the
And see that God is one and one.

Is no God but Allah ... Muhammad is the Messenger of God
Forgiveness and repent to you my Lord

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