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Heralds the development of a vaccine against AIDS

Scientists from the United States and Europe in the study to them that the AIDS virus becomes capable of destroying the immune system in the event of removal of cholesterol from Gchaúh, a finding that - according to scientists - would provide a new approach to develop a vaccine for the prevention of the deadly disease.
The team now plans to discuss how to use this method to eliminate the virus and may develop a vaccine.
The supervisor and the study Adriano Boisson from Imperial College in London, AIDS virus, "such as the army has weapons, but still has the flags, so you can identify it another army and attack."
During the study, published in the journal "Blood" on Monday removed the team Boisson cholesterol from the membrane surrounding the virus, to find that the removal prevented the virus from the operation of the immune system innate, and this in turn led to the adaptive response is stronger organized by the type of immune cell known as the cells of the "T" .
Usually when a person becomes infected with "HP. Any. In the" cause of AIDS, defends the immune response innate to the body immediately, but some researchers believe that the AIDS virus makes the immune system, innate over-reaction, which weakens the defense line next to the immune system, known as the immune response adaptive.
Try and scientists from companies and nonprofit organizations and governments around the world for many years to produce a vaccine against HIV, but until now, been only limited success.
AIDS kills about 1.8 million people annually around the world, was hit up to 2.6 million people with HIV in 2009, while Tasman number of people in the world 33.3 million.

Source: Reuters

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