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Why is famous as the tires black?

Internationally known for automobile tires as a black color, so many people think that black is the color of the original or natural. In fact, the color of the mixture with the rubber factory Alsolvar is yellowish-gray. If you look at pictures of old cars, you'll see that the color of open frames much of modern tires. Component of the rubber tires is a modern chemical complex containing sometimes more than twenty element balanced. However, the most important element is carbon black. The addition of carbon to the mixture component of the framework allow the designer to modify the properties of its performance after completion.

In general, the frames used for daily use contain a small amount of carbon black, while the rise in the rate of custom tires for racing cars.
The higher the quality and quantity of carbon in the mix of the frame increased the surface area of ​​the car window, which ensures the passage of heat from the car to the window that temperature will increase rapidly. All of this fits the required properties in the tires designed for racing cars, where increasing the efficiency of the window the more the Aonth and Taraute in Dhirot race. As for the tires used for ordinary cars, are the adoption of the issue of reducing friction frame ground (to reduce fuel consumption), in addition to the study of the wheel in a comprehensive manner to increase for use in the car. In the end, we see that the choice of the appropriate wheel supports the goal of use, the framework for the race car is different even from the framework of a vehicle transporting goods or tourer.

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