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Yemen and the Yemeni forces killed in favor of bombing the Taiz

Ten people were killed for the renewed clashes in Sanaa between forces loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the forces opposing him, at a time when the city streets of a war between the parties. The reporter said that forces loyal to the island for the nightwith tanks shelled the Freedom Square in Taiz.

According to sources in the Yemeni Interior Ministry said four people were killed and six others wounded by a shell falling on the residence of Sheikh Aziz, a small bin, loyal to President Saleh.

The office said his rival Sheikh Red donkeys told the French press killed two of his bodyguards and wounding five others wounded in the bombing targeted the home.
Before that, medical sources said four civilians were killed in clashes between military units led by General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar in favor of the rebels, and Republican Guard led by Ahmad, son of the Yemeni president.
Earlier, witnesses and hospital sources said two women were killed by snipers targeted the arena of change, where protesters stationed in favor of the departure of claimants, and killed two men bombed the targeted region, as well as resulting in the injury of nine people injured.
Thus, the death toll rose to one hundred since the return of violence to Sana'a last Sunday, according to The Associated Press.
The clashes Sunday had begun in the aftermath of the fall of shot dead by security forces in demonstrations demanding resolution of the revolution, after the news of the refusal in favor of the signing of the Gulf Initiative, which raised the anger of the demonstrators.
The Residents of Sanaa homes for fear of explosion of the situation, and stopped traffic in the capital, where most shops closed their doors.
According to the correspondent of Agence France-Presse that the protesters, the protesters in the yard of the change since February last did not leave their place near the University of Sana'a, despite the violence.
War of the streetsOfficials refused to reveal their names - told The Associated Press - The street fighting broke out between the Republican Guard units and tribes loyal to favor the one hand, and those led by Maj. Gen. Red and tribes supporting the rebels in many neighborhoods in Sana'a on the other hand, without yet received any details on casualties human caused.
The same source added that dozens of homes and shops were damaged or set ablazeby the indiscriminate bombing carried out by forces loyal to Saleh.

And expanded to other neighborhoods confrontations in an apparent attempt of the Republican Guard forces to encircle the red from the north and west.

Pat and Zubairy Street to seek new separation line between the north of Sana'a under the control of forces loyal to the Red Brigade, and the south under the control ofpro-Saleh.

At the same time, clashes erupted between gunmen loyal to clan leader Sadiq Redpro-revolutionaries, and supporters of the leader of another tribal chief loyal to Presidentis a small bin Aziz. The clashes took place light and medium weapons in the capital's northern neighborhood of measles, according to witnesses.

In the realm of change, angry protesters set fire to the house said that the sniper hide, and organized a blood donation campaign medics to rescue the injured.

The explosions also rocked the southern part of the yard change, during the battlesbroke out between forces of good and forces of pro-revolutionaries along Zubairy Streetin Sana'a.

Assassination attemptIn the midst of these developments has survived and former Yemeni Defence Minister, Major General Aliyu Abdullahi Ali, who joined protesters demanding the resignation in favor of an assassination attempt Thursday afternoon, killing his bodyguard and wounded his son and his driver were wounded.
The media quoted close to the Yemeni opposition witnesses as saying: "The system forces proceeded in favor of an assassination attempt on Gen. Aliyu and former defense minister who survived an attempt on Thursday afternoon while the attempt resulted in the death of his bodyguard and wounded his driver and his son in the incident."
The news agency United Press International sources that members of the armed snipers were in the sixty-street in the capital Sana'a attacked cars and Gen. Aliyu armed attack led to the death of one of his bodyguards and wounding his son and driver of the car were injured.
The snipers had fired on the fire brigade from a Eliwa the buildings that are concentrated in a few days ago amid fierce clashes between the forces of good and forces loyal to the revolution and sources indicate that the snipers, affiliated to the forces in favor.
And repeated assassinations since the establishment of a popular movement demanding the president step down in favor, and he was one of the victims of such attempts, one of which hit him on the third of June last, killing 11 people, his bodyguards and the death of the Shura Council, Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani.

Source: Al Jazeera + agencies

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