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Russian Empire

Russian Empire (modern spelling Russian: Российская Империя Rciscaa Amپraa; and ancient Russian spelling: Россійская Имперія, transliteration: Rciscaa Amپraa) Name of the State that has existed since 1721 until the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.Empire was the successor to the tsarist Russia, and in advance of the Soviet Union. Is the second largest contiguous empire in the world at all, but did not exceed the Mughal empire. In the year 1866, the empire stretching from Eastern Europe through Asia, to the North America.At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Russia was the largest country in the world in terms of area, the extended borders of the Arctic Ocean north to south, the Black Sea, Baltic Sea and west to the Pacific Ocean to the east. The 176.4 million citizens of the empire scattered in this broad area, and they constitute the third largest human gathering in the world at that time, after China in the Qing Dynasty and the British Empire, but the disparity in their economic, ethnic and religious was a prominent significantly. The government, led by the Emperor, one of the last absolute monarchies in Europe. Russia was considered one of the five major powers on the European continent before the outbreak of World War I in August of 1914.

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