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NASA expects to fall of the satellite Friday

NASA said it was impossible to know where it will be located wreckage of the Moon (French)

Is expected to air satellite, an American on the ground next Friday to fall in place is stillunknown until now, as announced by U.S. space agency (NASA), adding that the risk tothe population is "very low" because the bulk of the vehicle will explode in the atmosphere.

The length of the satellite "Upper Otamossador Risterch Satellite" 10.6 m and 4.5 m in diameter and weighs nearly six tons. The placing in orbit the shuttle "Discovery" in 1991 to study the upper atmosphere.

Satellite has completed its mission in 2005 after 14 years of work, and will return toEarth because of lack of fuel in about 23 September / September of this, as announced by NASA on its website.

NASA explained that it is impossible to know where the moon will be located the wreckage in advance, because "a large part of it be beaten and turned into pieces uponentering the atmosphere, but the debris will burn a whole." The scientists predicted thatup to the ground about 26 pieces.

The orbit of the satellite passes over most of the planet, from the far north of Canada to the southern part of South America.

So far "has not been confirmed in any event, due to the return and the fall of a spacecraftin the atmosphere," according to the agency.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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