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Date of Zamzam

It is implicit in the Grand Mosque Zamzam, a watering Ismail, connecting the Holy Spirit Gabriel, food taste, and the cure for the sick, do not bleed or vilify, not going to criticize, given to the Abdul-Muttalib, and a guide Saddh not lie, and talk of Zamzam water to drink it.
Said Suhayli: The Zamzam watering Ismail bin Ibrahim peace be upon them, triggered by his Holy Spirit, snag, in that a reference to it after Ismail behind him, Muhammad peace be upon him and his nation, and the story in this well-known, and summarized that Ibrahim peace be upon him to bear to Ishmael and his mother emigrated to the Mecca endured with her bottle of water and your pass, and left them in Makkah and came back!, when he finished dates and water thirst Ismail, a small and make Anha death, made emigrated seeking Safa to Marwah, and Marwah to Safa to see anyone until I heard the sound when the boy, she said, may you hear if you have relief. Then came the boy if the water comes from under the cheek, they made to drink in her hand and makes drawing closer, and will come after the news of him. He said peace be upon him: if left to the eye or said certain rivers.

Harbi said: Bzmzma called Zamzam water, and his voice.
Massoudi said: because the Persians called the Zam Zam Hajj was the first time in Wiczmzm then, and voice Elzimzma graduating from the gills when the horse drink the water, Voncd Massoudi
Zmzmt Persians ZamzamAnd that, in older Salvha

The wire from Ibn Abbas that it was named Zamzam, they observed a dust so as not to unfreeze the water right and left, if left to Saan on the ground fills up everything.
We have mentioned the Tm-Harith bin Amadad it, still did not study until I see Abd al-Muttalib to dig good, because it's good and good things born of Abraham and Ishmael, and was told: Dig a libra. It was: Dig Almdhanona Dhannt by the people except you, indicated by the signs of three: click chough, and it is between Alvrth and blood, and at the village of ants.
And Roy that what he has to dig the opinion of the fee to him from the village of ants and click Crow, did not see Alvrth and blood, and spoke to is also Wendt cow Jazarha, not understood by even entered the Grand Mosque, Venhrha in the position that fee to him, he asked a Alvrth and blood, Vhfarha Abdul Muttalib, where Draw it.
It was said to Abdul-Muttalib, the character that they do not bleed at all, and this proof is a great because it did not bleed from then to today, never signed the Habashi Vensan for it, and found its water arises from three eyes of the strongest and most waterproof eye in terms of black stone, which was narrated by al-Daaraqutni.
Narrated Daaraqutni also isnaad from the Prophet peace be upon him: to drink Zamzam water Fletdila, the difference between us and the hypocrites can not Atdilawa them or as he said peace be upon him.
It was narrated from the Prophet peace be upon him said: Zamzam water is for drinking it.
And Abu Dhar narrated that the sustenance of its water for thirty days and a night Vsaman Eknh even broken.
The syphilis in his memoirs that Abdul-Muttalib took a basin of Zamzam watering it, and destroy the night was out of envy him, when his grief that he was told to sleep Say: Do not solve it for the bather to a solution rather, Sharp has Kveetm. When he was told: Yes, yet he wanted was happening to throw the disease in his body until they finished it.

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