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NASA explores the Kuwait desert water

Announced the world in the U.S. space agency, "NASA" The success of the first experiment in the desert of the Gulf to study the evolution of groundwater in the Middle East.

The world said Essam Heggy in a statement on Sunday that a research team from the "NASA" use advanced technology to monitor the depth of ground water in the desert of Kuwait, the same technique used to explore the water beneath the surface of Mars.

The pilgrimage to the research team under his leadership that the use of airborne radar technology to map the groundwater in the area.
Expected to contribute to scientific research in the accurate mapping of groundwater in the depths of the desert better, as well as understanding of the development of water resources in that region, and assess the impact of climate change on them.

Haji said that the experiment took place in the desert of northern Kuwait with the participation of researchers from the Kuwait Institute for Research, led by Amr Fadl al-Mawla, and the team was able to locate underground water in large basins dry, which suggests that the desert has been active in shallow water near the geological past.

And use the research team for two weeks a helicopter to carry a radar-imaging flights low (300 meters) above the two zones of groundwater known in Kuwait, was shot water depth ranging from 20 to 65 meters, and succeeded the researchers show that the radar can determine the locations of ground water and determine depth and places with water flowing.
The pilgrimage that this effort will help to understand the development of ground water in the ground and distributions of quantities accurately, which are still not yet clear enough.

"If we were able to map the water, we can determine the climatic conditions that existed thousands of years ago when most of the desert land saturated with water."

And carries radar scanning system used in the experiment similar attributes to their campaign two spacecraft, which headed to Mars, the radar his first European spacecraft Mars Express, the second vehicle Vhmmelth sent by NASA.

The director of projects testing the air to "NASA" Craig Dobson The results of this study pave the way to draw a map of groundwater by air, in areas of severe desertification, such as desert of the Arabian Peninsula, and can in future be applied to design devices to map the groundwater in all the desert areas in the the world.

Source: de NBA

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