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Concerns about the Palestinian state

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 and academic American of Palestinian origin Sari Makdisi, in his article published by the Los Angeles U.S. that what he called the gamble of Palestinians in the United Nations might backfire, expressing concern about the move by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as a whole.

He explained that everyone knows how much felt by the Arabs and the Palestinians areangry about the idea that the United States is threatening to block the recognition of a Palestinian state in the United Nations.

But on the other hand - and say to the writer - there are fears that come step by Abbascounterproductive and unexpected, and perhaps that would delay the Palestinians for decades to come.

While the writer mentioned what he called the mysterious atmosphere surrounding therecent Palestinian step, he added that the move is consistent with the pattern of secret negotiations that do not expire between the Palestinians and the Israelis, thosecontinuing for peace in two decades, to no 

The predicament of Israel
The only concrete results of those negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, he says it was started to give Palestinian leaders fleeting taste of power, he said, adding that this was in conjunction with the leadership of the Palestinian people to adeeper quagmire.

Makdisi also added that the moment pregnant with paradoxes, explaining that theadministration of U.S. President Barack Obama is trying to save Israel from the quagmire that may be exposed at the United Nations, and in light of the approachingU.S. presidential election in 2012.

While the United States will spend on the Palestinian dream of being, through the use ofthe right of veto, thus eliminating the legitimate Palestinian aspirations, Washington foilalso of both Abbas and his colleagues, intentionally or unintentionally.

As described by President Abbas is elected and his Mounthah since 2006, so thepresidential authority is terminated three years ago, and it does not have the support or the mandate to come forward for his actions on the Palestinian state.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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