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Israeli reading of the Palestinian state

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Dominated by the speech delivered by President Barack Obama on Wednesday before the General Assembly of the United Nations to all else of interest in events in Israeli newspapers today.
Kick, and columnists to present their ideas for a Palestinian state, which is expected to issue a decision of the United Nations soon, departing from their readings in their comments, as stated in the speech of the content.
Was held two clerks, two Israeli comparison between Obama's speech yesterday and his speech made by the Muslim world from Cairo in 2009, pointed out that the contradiction in their content was not evidence repentance or change of the doctrine of an intellectual, but a kind of political pragmatism, as the U.S. president a political seek re-election in November / November of next year.
The authors Nahum Bernba and Shimon Schiffer in their article inaugural newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, that Obama did not adopt all Israeli arguments against recognizing a Palestinian state through the United Nations, but adopted the Israeli version of the foundation which is based on that "Israel is a small country surrounded by enemies who seek to destroy them, and their children living threat to their lives every day, and neighbors are raising their children to hate. "
The authors pointed out that Obama's speech yesterday was met with a standing ovation by the Israelis, particularly from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who he described as a wonderful speech, while he was received by the Palestinians frustrated and angry.

Between the two leadershipsHe described the Israeli writer Gideon Levy - an article in the Haaretz newspaper - the current Palestinian leadership as being similar to "the wisdom and intelligence and flexibility of operation and the Israeli leadership, which was at the first establishment of the State of Israel."
The writer calculated on the Israeli left that the Palestinians are the "new Jews, and reminds us of their leaders - surprisingly - the Zionist leaders who were once".
He surprised and wondering, "Look at Mahmoud Abbas, right is Levi Eshkol (third president of the Ministers of Israel)? And Saeb Erekat, right is Abba Eban (and former Israeli foreign minister)? And Salam Fayyad, is it not the Pinhas Sapir (and former minister of finance) or Eliezer Kaplan? see moderation itself, and the dye gray the same, and the process itself and the political wisdom itself, and even as far as humor itself, lacking only speak in the Jewish Alaadich; take what could be obtained, and come down for big dreams in the partition plan as in the two-state solution. "
The Levy in his article that "the Palestinian group that is now proceeding to the United Nations, we must remember the Israelis Group Zionism, which went to the same organization prior to 64 years. Yes, there are differences and with all this, the similarity Esp heart. They are now vulnerable confronted with the powerful, and David confronted with Goliath, and now they Adlon also in the eyes of the world. The world is the same as that realized in November 1947 that the Jews (Palestinians) deserve a state, he realizes in September / September 2011 that the Palestinians deserve a state in the end, it was after the trauma of the Holocaust and is now after the trauma of the occupation, without comparison. "

Dream crashesWrote left-wing Israeli political columnist Yossi Sarid, Haaretz published an article describing Obama's speech that he was not bad, as it was not good at the same time.
Sarid and compare style blending the literature policy of Obama's speech in Cairo with his speech yesterday, saying the U.S. president in his speech, I was still dreaming of "But yesterday was a break up and Tahtmana."
The voice cracking with grief, and tone contrast to all blog entries by authors other Israeli, wrote Sarid says that "black magic faded, and disappeared vision though were not, leaving only the ugly reality:" No shortcuts through ", this is the gospel as if it did not last 44 years. It is sad and miserable. "
He said that Obama - who called him a "leader of great power and warrior great for human rights, justice, freedom and democracy for all people" - it seemed like the head of the State Normal else "wants a lot and can do less; difficult to anger him, for this good man with good will, But harder still to see him in his inability, champion broke his teeth and left him his power. Is this time appointed by God? ".
The writer Yael Strnhl saw an article in the same newspaper that the President of the United States "is weak and disappointed to stand by Israel and it is the criticism and opposition, but the United States may not be able to continue interest in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because of the many internal problems."
The politician, Yossi Beilin, in an article in "Israel today" under the title "What about the temporary borders of Palestine," that out of the dilemma present in the General Assembly of the United Nations would be that the United States participates post stronger and more active, to formulating a decision is fit to be a basis to start negotiations to achieve the The second of the road map, which is the emergence of a Palestinian state in provisional borders. "

Source: Israeli press

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