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Constantine I of Greece

Constantine I (August 2, 1868 - Jan 11 1923) King of Greece, was the leader of theGreek army during the war, the Ottoman Greek in 1897 and the First Balkan War in 1912took over the reins of power in the March 18, 1913 after the death of his father, KingGeorge the First.

War Ottoman Greek in 1897, also known as the war of thirty days is a war broke out between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Greece in 1897 because of the island of Crete the Ottoman-dominated Greek, as renewed turmoil on the island to demand to join Greece Faqamt Greece occupied the island which prompted the Ottoman government to declare war Greece, at the end of the war and the settlement of thepowers the island of Crete was declared an autonomous region under the Ottoman authority in accordance with the terms of the Treaty of Istanbul (1897), which ended the war between the two countries

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