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Historic victory for the French left of the sheikhs

Left-wing parties won a majority of French history in the Senate after partial electionswere held on Sunday, causing the defeat Party "Union for a Popular Movement" right-wing, led by President Nicolas Sarkozy.

And confirmed the final results announced this morning that beat the French Socialist Party and its allies, the Communist Party and the Green Party enough seats for a majority in the Senate (upper house of parliament).

In turn, announced the head of the Socialists in the Senate, Jean-Pierre Bell leftcandidates won 23 seats, an additional at least to get this on the majority of the Council.

The majority of historical
After this election - voted by about 72 thousand representatives of members of local councils to renovate part of the members of the Senate - has become a coalition left-wing parties is available on the 177 seats, while sufficient for 175 seats for an absolute majority in the Council, which includes 348 seats.

The number of seats of 343 seats, but it was introduced five additional seats in this election, bringing it to 348 seats.

This is the first majority for the Socialists in the French Senate for more than fifty years,and comes about seven months before the date of the first round of presidential elections scheduled in April / April.

Moreover, this victory by the French left came after a series of victories for leftistcandidates in local elections, held earlier.

Although the Senate can not bring down the government, but it can prevent the introduction of amendments to the Constitution, and can also postpone the adoption oflegislation to re-draft laws for review to the General Assembly (lower house ofparliament).

The President of the Senate is the second highest political figure in the country, according to the Constitution in the case of the resignation of the head of state or diedduring his tenure, the Senate President in office until new elections.

A blow to Sarkozy
Commenting on these results, the leader of the French Socialist Party, FrancoisHollande, said in press statements, said that Sarkozy's "go down in history as the president who squandered the right of the control of the Senate."

He Holland - which is available on the ample chances to win the nomination of his partyin the upcoming presidential election - that these results can be considered "predictablein advance," the outcome of the presidential elections in April / April next year.

The leader of the party itself Harlem Desire, she conveyed him and the German news agency as saying that the results of Senate elections represented "a blow to Sarkozy,"who is seeking re-election as President of France, which has become one of the leastpopular president in the history of the country, according to some opinion polls.

For his part, described the leader of the party "Union for a Popular Movement" in the Senate, Gerard Archer victory for the left as "the event will have aftershocks" before the next presidential election, as quoted by Reuters news agency.

Source: agencies

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