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Why is not located on the spider in the net??

To answer this question should first examine the miracle of engineering spider web. On the one hand the strength yarns are wisps of silk fabric that is stronger than steel, and higher strength of quartz, only the liquid, and expands to five times the string length before stopping.
In fact, this little thread that appears to the naked eye is made the same way that coal is made by the cable, which consists of several strings micro wrapped around each other, has a thickness of thread, each of which (1) of million of an inch. And materials of construction are very common, as there is in one hectare of a provincial British, for example, more than two million and a quarter of a spider. Each spider spindles private, usually a strength of three. These spinners are naturally lower abdomen. There are openings near each spindle a small gland out of the material is silk, a substance formed in the glands of the spider. During the Textile Engineering, the spider collects the three strands together to form a strong and solid lock.
Spun by spiders living outside the home the type of tissue known as the ark of proportion to its circular shape, a wonderful piece of engineering from the symmetrical lines that appear are very gorgeous under the first rays of dawn. And a female spider is the task of building fabric. And use the pressure of her womb, to push the heat out of yarn in six glands in the stomach, and is linked by the thread first, known as the bridge, runners herb, or a leaf. Then drops to the ground with the trait, and is continuing the process of knitting, and then descend to the earth and ascend to the other high point, the string pulls strongly, and correlates well in place using adhesive graduated from one of the glands as well. Whereupon first install a lock, always horizontally, and then fall Haririn two threads in each of the parties to the first thread, in order to configure the other bridges is lower than the first, which will become the basis of the network. Then you spin several threads within this network, to meet all strings in the middle. Here comes the clever work, where you put the glue on yarn external network only, and when you finish making the network completely complement the development of glue at home and on some sections, leaving only a place to move it easily.
After the completion of the network, you Ankpoth making a small nest of her neighborhood, and usually you wrap a leaf and put themselves inside a comfortable bed of silk. Of course, they may wait too long before the arrival of the first victims.
Finally, the connecting thread between the warning and the nest fabric, in order to feel any vibration on the fabric may occur as a result of the fall of any insect it. When this happens vibration speed to the center of fabric to know the thing that will deal with him.Because of the sharp weakness in the vision then Ankpoth will depend on other senses to determine the characteristics of prey. If the huge and deadly release her from afar, but if eaten in large, Keliesub, Vstlvha with silk from a distance as well, using the last member of a specialist, is a racemose gland. Struggling insect prey itself trying to get rid of the trap, then start Ankpoth progress towards it through the threaded safe, which left to itself without adhesive, and if you happened to be wrong time and put their legs on the adhesive, the body will introduce material such as oil works as an analyst chemical for Glue, help her break free of the new .

May not like spiders, but when considering its ability to destroy insects and cleaning of premises, including agricultural, it will not reduce the value and will after today.

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