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File includes: the secrets of healing with honey


Lovers of God! We all heard and read about the benefits of honey and the healing power deposited by God in this wonderful article, but one of us rarely consider honey to cure himself fully. The reason we did not see what the scientists are revealing the west of the wonderful healing power of honey is characterized by any other material in the world.

A general idea of ​​honey

World production of honey, about 1.1 billion kg per year. Topping the list of China'sleading countries in the production of honey, followed by the United States of America and Argentina, Belarus, Mexico, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Fossils of bees: I found confined in amber. It probably lived 80 million years ago.

There are similarities between bees and humans, and confirms the psychologists that the human nature tends to natural substances in the treatment of his illness, and therefore we find human nature accept honey and other natural materials more thanchemical drugs.

  More Bee: A Bee of bees building a length of about 4 cm. The largest known honeybee honey Bnhalh giant. And a length of about 20 mm.

  Size of the colony of bees: colony with a strong and sound a number between 50thousand and 60 thousand bee.

  Smaller Bee: zero-length biting Mlimitran only. And the dwarf bee honey bee or smallerlength of one centimeter.

  Speed: Dipset bee can fly at speeds of 25 km / hour.

  Taste: honey bees can distinguish taste sweet or sour or salty or bitter.

  Dipset: Dipset can bee to gather enough nectar during her life for the manufacture of45g of honey.

The behavior of bees

The researchers at the University today (Illinois) that bees have a special behavior, and this behavior is the behavior of rational behavior is not random. Vdmag contains beemillion nerve cells with that size does not exceed the size of the "point" we write with a pen.

The area of ​​the bee brain is not enough information to address the enormous bee dealt with by this small, so it must be a program in her brain was placed in each cell of thebrain and the only bee that the behavior of the decree for her! This is one of the wonders of the world bees!

Therefore we find them assert that behind the behavior of bees dark secret, and thisreferred to the Koran, saying the Almighty: (Then eat of all fruits and follow the ways of your Lord made ​​easy coming out of their bellies a drink of varying color wherein is healing for people in that are a sign for people who reflect) Nahl: 69]. If we look at the words (follow the ways of your Lord made easy), we see the miraculous and clear, where is God bee to follow specific ways during her lifetime and the manufacture of honey, and have overcome these roads, and mocked her means to ensure routes are correct.

Scientists say the Bee choose the shortest way to achieve its goal, that is superior to the rights in choosing the right path, all this does not only have a brain the size of "point" who inspired him and mocked her and even told her to do the job, it is the nature of the blind, or God Almighty everything?

Honey contains "information" that has moved from bees to the honey during its production, this information can be found in the nectar of flowers which interact within the stomachs of bees, amended and increased in effectiveness to be ready to take advantage of them, and here lies the secret of healing with honey. Allah the Almighty provided each bee programs exist in the cells of her brain and that is the plan drawn in advance, which was expressed by the Koran, saying the Almighty: (And your Lord inspired the bees) bees: 68]. If it is by the decree and the revelation of God in a manner Njhlh we humans!
Latest scientific research on honey
Therefore you will enumerate some of the latest to hit the researchers in the field of healing honey, my advice modest: Do not leave your house empty of honey, even small amounts, because the benefits that will see them a great and amazing.
Now let us consider some new discoveries about this article that Allah created us:
Honey strong antiseptic
Dr. Molan found that all types of honey is characterized by the presence of anti-bacterial kind of strong, says: You do not find any substance in the world like honey in the antiseptic properties. Where the substance bees produce hydrogen peroxide by specific enzymes, and this substance is known characteristics sterile.
This researcher also proved after two decades of experience that honey has a lot of energy in the treatment of chronic constipation, and without any side effects. He says that the medical tools in a bag I carry with me are just treatment dressings and honey!
Honey contains powerful antibiotics
Dr. Molan and treatment of many diseases of honey only, without anything else! He says:
"The stunning effect of honey in the treatment of burns and suppuration, and can be applied directly to burns to repair the skin and kill the bad bacteria, but removes the effects of burns and you can see the burned honey therapy as it was returned without marks or scars."
I have some kind of germs USA, researchers could not find a cure, but now they are trying to draw antibiotic found in honey for the sterilization of hospitals because they know it better than antibiotics!
Honey treated skin cancer
After long experiments, found Dr Glenys Round Cancer specialist something strange in the honey! He noticed that the amazing effect of honey in the treatment of cancer. He says we use honey in the treatment of skin cancer where it invades the skin and treats the cancer can not it better medicines.

Honey addresses sores

Also confirmed that all the drugs failed to cure ulcers, but they were able to finally curedwith honey. One thing that is confirmed by all the patients who were treated with honey were so happy during the treatment, there is no side effects, no pain ..

Experts affirm that it is spending six billion dollars annually to treat wounds and burns,though the reliance on honey Ovrua large proportion of the funds. If honey can save money too.

Despite the large numbers of bees, which contribute in making the honey, but we do not find any problems or conflict in their work, and admired scientists of the accuracy of the organization, where they learned these principles, and how the bees can perform all these tasks efficiently without being trained to Valenhalh since birth "programmed" to do this job: not witness the ability of the Almighty Creator?
Honey stomach ulcer treated
Some researchers also found that honey has healing power in the treatment of stomach ulcers and inflammation of the larynx. They found that the bacteria together in a way to support the survival and their groupings, and scientific research has proved that honey is dispersed defenses bacteria disintegrates and weakens, which helps the body to eliminate them. The scientists recently discovered a substance in honey to prevent oxidation and thus useful in the treatment of cholesterol.
Scientists wonder of dark energy in the honey that can heal incurable diseases, and ask: how does healing happen? What is the thing done by the honey within the cells of our body, we find that the cancer stops suddenly, and we find that a lot of bacteria in the body stops growing, and we find that activates the immune system becomes more effective .... What happens? No one has the answer.
Ayatollah calls for reflection!
But a little meditation in this Qur'an, specifically in the verse: (And your Lord inspired the bees that you habitations in the mountains, houses and trees and what they erect * Then eat of all fruits and follow the ways of your Lord made easy coming out of their bellies a drink of varying color wherein is healing for people in this are sign for people whospeculated) [bees: 68-69], we will find that God deposited in the healing power of honey from the Almighty and his word (and inspired), so it is necessary to read the honey before we eat, whether for treatment or for food.
Honey for the treatment of numbness of the Parties
Honey contains vitamins (B 1), which is useful in inflammation of the nerves and numbness of the Parties. Honey also contains vitamin (B 2) is useful for the treatment of mouth ulcers, cracked lips, inflammation of the eye. Honey also contains a number of minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, sulphate, help calm the psychological state of patients with mental disorders.

Raising bee offspring with great care and at the same time, the production of honey, and scientists say bees have a brain complex software can not be coincidence that made such a program, which is superior to humans in some of its advantages, Valenhalh educator skilled care of eggs and then provided to the larvae of food, protection and care even bigger and grow, The Glory of God! Despite all these verses, we find those who deny the existence of God Almighty!

Honey for the protection of children
Honey is very important for babies to protect them from anemia, rickets and enuresis in children, but you must eat small amounts of it for children under a year .. The chewing a little beeswax with pure honey helps the treatment of colds, sore throat, cough, and healing the sinuses and allergic rhinitis. The advantage of honey in the treatment of muscular fatigue and muscle cramps. Also, honey is beneficial in the treatment of liver diseases and cases of poisoning.
Honey cures a variety of diseases
- Can treat insomnia and lack of sleep by drinking a glass of water dissolved the tablespoon of honey before sleeping, some researchers have found a calming effect for the honey syrup.
- Honey can be used for the treatment of cleft lips, and treatment of wrinkled skin, cosmetics, and flabby skin stimulation.
- A spoonful of honey every day can protect you from a fatal heart attack, this is confirmed by researchers from new studies on the honey, which noted that helps organize the work of the heart.
- In a recent research, doctors advised eating a teaspoon of honey every day for the treatment of chronic cough, and better than chemical drugs known.
- Other research found that there is a lack of chemical drugs for the treatment of asthma and inflammation of the lungs and airways, the honey has proven his ability to heal!
- For the treatment of stress and inflammation of the nerves and various disorders in the body, in the honey has a wonderful energy in the organization and ease of these disorders and calming effects.
- For the treatment of gum infections and tooth decay, some experiments have shown that massaging the gums with honey strengthens weak gum and stimulates the blood flow and kill the bad bacteria in the mouth.
- For the treatment of impotence and infertility, some experiments have shown that honey is effective in stimulating and regulating the sexual status of men and women alike, as well as some research has shown the important role of honey in the treatment of infertility.
- If you are allergic to what you should eat a little of the syrup of honey and after reading the Koran it out loud and humility and hope, after a period can be up to three months you will find that the allergy medicine failed to treat, will ease a lot, God willing.

Honey prevents cancer
Researchers said that honey and royal jelly can be a part of the arsenal that is the fight against cancer. Has a team of researchers at the University of Zagreb, Croatia to a range of products, honey stopped the growth or spread of tumors in mice. They said in an editorial in Science of Food and Agriculture humans infected with the disease can also benefit from this result.
They suggested that honey products may lead to what is known as a Balabubtoses cell suicide or has a direct effect on the cells or Sam helps the immune system that resists the growth of cancer cells. A research team led by Dr. Nada Oursalich The study indicates that products of honey bees can be a useful tool in controlling tumor growth.
In the wave of incurable diseases that we face due to climate pollution, we call on everyone because of the honey take preventive material, even if one of us should be dealt with properly a small amount of honey every day and this will help the immune system has to cope with more diseases.
Such a study can not pass without remembering that the reference to honey in the Quranic verse: (come out from their bellies a drink of varying color wherein is healing for people in that are a sign for people who reflect) Nahl: 69]. This verse confirms that honey did not say in vain, but because God knows the healing properties of honey in the high and therefore mentioned in the Koran.

Honey kills the bacteria resistance to antibiotics

According to recent scientific study as follows:

A new study shows that honey can have properties which resist bacteria, also showedeffectiveness against bacteria resistant to antibiotics, which has developed its immuneresistance to antibiotics, making regular drug resistance difficult.

For as long as the honey in ancient and modern uses of the medical treatment of many diseases, in different countries and ancient civilizations, but this study may be a new turning point in the medical uses of honey.

And on the study conducted by the University of Sydney, says de Carter, associate professor in the Faculty of Biological Sciences and microbial germ at the University ofSydney: "Between us Our research, that honey can replace many of the antibiotics used to treat wounds Kalmriham creams and different, and the the use of honey as an aid to treatment will increase the age of antibiotics. "

Scientists confirm that more types of bacteria that cause infections in hospitals are able to resist the type and at least one of antibiotics, and this requires the production of new types of antibiotics to be able to eliminate pathogenic bacteria.

Honey contains 800 boat!
Honey is considered one of the most complex materials in the composition, which contained approximately the 800 compound, and this complexity makes it difficult for scientists to fully understand the mechanism through which to resist bacteria and kill her.Says researcher de Carter: "So far we do not recognize how a honey which resistant bacteria, but most likely that a compound in honey named" methylglyoxal "reacts with other compounds did not teach until now, to be able to disable the ability of bacteria to produce new strains able to resist antibiotics. "
Honey in the face of wounds
Dr Rose Cooper of the College of Health Sciences at the University of Wales, has conducted research on the activity of honey is antibacterial, and wrote a book entitled "Honey in the face of wounds." She says: "There are many components that contribute to the therapeutic features give the honey, high sugar, low proportion of water, and low acidity are all factors that help."
Wherein is healing for people
Lovers of God! Such studies of new scientists and raise eyebrows, but a natural result for us, because God said honey in his book, but revealed Sura called "Al-bee" in which he said the verse: (And your Lord inspired the bees that the habitations in the mountains, houses and trees, and in * they erect and then eat of all fruits and follow the ways of your Lord made easy coming out of their bellies a drink of varying color wherein is healing for people in that are a sign for people who reflect) Nahl: 68-69].
We therefore advise every brother and sister of honey to make a basic subject in the home, honey is good for burns, wounds and infections, septic, and useful for the treatment of inflamed gums, and beneficial to the skin, and is useful in cases of colds and viral infections ... Therefore should be put in the amount of honey in the house, for use as food and medicine, especially for children.
Category Quranic honey
We have arranged the Almighty God in his book created by means of bees for the honey industry as follows:
1 - the mountains.
2 - trees.
3 - Larache.
It has been proved that the best types of mountain honey is honey, and honey in the forest, which is found in the trunks of trees and, finally, which is made by honey bees in the cells of industrial man-made him. Therefore, the Almighty said: (And your Lord inspired the bees that the habitations in the mountains, houses and trees and what they erect) [bees: 68]. If (mountains) first and then (the trees), and finally (in what they erect), and this arrangement is identical to the amount of interest and healing in all kind of species. More types of honey is honey healing mountain.

Honey is useful for the treatment of cancer

Today, researchers are trying to use honey to treat cancer, has recently researchers at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, conducted many experiments on honey bees, and show them that it protects against cancer, where stops the growth of cancer cells.

But they still do not know the exact mechanism of the impact of honey, the honey and how to stop cancer, and believe that honey strengthens the immune system in humansand thus become more able to cope with various diseases. Here are aware of what the Almighty said: (come out from their bellies a drink of varying color wherein is healing for men) [Nahl: 69].

Attempt to treat diabetes

It should be noted that some researchers are now trying to take advantage of the honey in the treatment of diabetes quantities of very light, but research is still ongoing, so we recommend to suffer from this disease (ie, high blood sugar) to be cautious in the use of honey, and to resort to medical advice .

I call on all physicians and specialists in the science of nutrition from the Muslims thatthey experience additional honey, it could prove one day that this article is to cure all diseases, and God Almighty when he mentioned honey in his book that's not in vain, but there is a lot of secrets waiting to be detected .

Honey is useful for diseases of the digestive system
Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim in their hadiths that a man came to the Prophet peace be upon him said: My brother purge his stomach, he said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: deemed sweetness. Nourishes it and then he came and said, 'I Sagath honey but it did not Asttalaca. He said to him three times and then came the fourth, said: deemed sweetness, 'I have given but it did not Asttalaca. The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: (Allah and lied brother) Vskah Fbero. Decide this Hadith usefulness of honey in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system.
The word (Alasttalaq) contained in the text of the Hadith is what we now call the diarrhea. The experiments proved that honey kills bacteria on various kinds, especially that inhabit the digestive system, so it has an effective impact in the treatment of diarrhea and helps to treat stomach ulcers and the healing of these ulcers in a short period. As well as address the constipation! This dual effect of honey, because honey is simply regulates bowel movement and even affect the cells of the intestine, including its content of "information" is deposited inside.
What is new, inspired by the Koran?
But we should point out that the ancient Egyptians, five thousand years have used honey to treat wounds, and realized something of its medicinal properties.
When Islam came, stressed the importance of honey so that the word (cure) and contained in the Quran four times, three of them with the Quran and once with honey, the Almighty says: (come out from their bellies a drink of varying color wherein is healing for people in that are a sign for people who reflect) Nahl: 69 Someone may say: as long as the ancients understood the importance of honey before the revelation of the Qur'an, where miracles? I say that the Qur'an confirmed what is right, and farther and correct whatever is wrong, and this itself is a miracle!
Proof of this is that it is not contained in the Koran verse one proved science wrong, so there are a lot of the myths prevailing time of the descent of the Koran, if the Qur'an was written by human beings if mixed with myths of his time, but when we find it always comes right this is a sign that the right of God Almighty .
Remember the words of the Messenger of God peace be upon him, as narrated from Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them: (Healing is in three: the cupper, or a drink of honey or cauterizing with fire, I forbid my ummah to use cauterizing) [Bukhari]. Ibn Masood may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: (you Balhvaúan honey and the Qur'an) [Narrated by Ibn Majah in his Sunan]. And do not forget the verse: (come out from their bellies a drink of varying color wherein is healing for people in that are a sign for people who reflect) Nahl: 69].
I advise my dears to turn to healing with honey and the Quran and this is what the Prophet advised him the greatest blessings of Allah and peace, then we are so may reasons we take the cure. I have found by experience that when we read the honey dissolved water (honey syrup) Al-Fatiha seven times, and the verse (which is healing for men) seven times this drink also will be affected by the recitation of the Quran and increase its effectiveness and, God willing, become more capable of healing

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