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The 75th anniversary of the birth of your dolls C. Hanson

الذكرى الـ75 لميلاد محرك الدمى جيم هانسون

Celebrating the Internet search engine "Google" on Saturday, 75 of the birth anniversary of your famous dolls Jim Hanson, who gained much fame after that he used to wear thefrog in his hand and move beautifully and consistently.

Jim Hanson has left a great legacy in the world of virtual dolls, or fantasy, but fans stillharbor the world's appreciation for the creator of many of the personalities of manypopular toys.

One of the most important work of Jim Hanson, who was away from the dolls Time Piece, a film runs for 90 minutes, and had been prepared by Hanson in 1965, has been nominated for an Oscar for this film and the film is devoid of speech and focuses on the time factor has been demonstrated Hanson lost in time, reflecting his ability in directing,this film promised a model in the output of the first movies.

And his creations also include a children's program Sesame Street, which opened forthe first time in 1969, with celebrities including puppet named «The Oscar Graosh» (Oscar the Grouch), and "Big Bird."

It is noted that Jim Hanson was born in 1936 and died in 1990 at the age of 53 years, leaving a great legacy in the world of puppetry, and built many exhibitions in the world to view the videos for a number of his works, in addition to the characters created bypuppets.

The 75th anniversary of the birth of your dolls C. Hanson

The U.S. - Ames Mori "Jim" Henson (May 16, 1990 September 24, 1936)
Brides best known as the creator of the Muppets. As brides, Henson
Conducted in different television programs, such as Sesame Street and toys and
Exhibition, and films such as dolls and toys, capers Great, and creator of
Dolls of the advanced projects such as Fraggle rock, crystal and dark, and
Maze. He was also a director who was nominated for the Oscar, Emmy Award-winning
TV producer, and founder of Jim Henson, Jim Henson
Basically, the Jim Henson creature shop. Died of Streptococcus pyogenes
On May 16, 1990.
Henson, who was born in Mississippi, and educated at the University of Maryland,
College Park, and was one of the most well known widely puppeteers in history. [1] is
The establishment of Friends of Sam as a student in the garden of the college. After suffering
Struggle with the programs created by, and he eventually was selected for
Participate in the Sesame Street. During this time, and also participated in the
Comedy series Saturday Night Live. Born in the success of Sesame Street
Muppet show, which featured puppets created by Henson. He also participated in the establishment with
Michael Jacobs dinosaurs television during the last years of his life. In 1992,
Happened after his death, the award of conscience and courage of the monastery of peace,
On June 16, 2011, he received the award after his death, legends of Disney.

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