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Happened on this day September 29


1908 - International Conference for the Protection of the work the city of Lucerne, Switzerland to ban night work for children less than 14 years.
1910 - Manuel Cuadra become president of Paraguay.
1918 - Bulgaria's surrender to the coalition during the war, the first vernacular.
1923 - beginning of the British Mandate over Palestine.
1924 - Plutarco Elías Calles becomes president of Mexico.
1938 - beginning of the negotiations that led to the Munich agreements.
1939 - Poland surrenders to the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.
1955 - Sultan of Morocco Mohammed Ben Arfa abdicate the throne in favor of Muhammad ibn Yusuf.
1956 - The war in Algeria: National Liberation Front, the maiden bombings in European cafes in Algiers.
1965 - coup attempt on Sukarno in Indonesia collusion between the army and the Communists, who accuse each other of being behind it.
1980 - Israel's shekel-based currency instead of the pound.
1988 - Space Shuttle Discovery take off from the base of Cape Canaveral, Florida, loaded with five men to the task of space as long as 4 days.
1988 - an international jury in Geneva requires the Zionist entity re-occupied area of ​​Taba in the Sinai to Egyptian sovereignty.
1991 - Military coup in Haiti led to the ousting of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
1992 - Jose Eduardo dos Santos won the first democratic presidential election in Angola after the civil war that lasted 16 years in the country.
1993 - killed more than 10 thousand people in the earthquake in western India.


  1985 - The death of French actress Simone Sceniorah (born 1921).
  1985 - The death of the German seismologist Charles Richter.
  1955 - The death of American actor James Dean in a car accident (born 1931).


  1943 - Lech Walesa, the first president of Poland after the collapse of communism, theSolidarity union leader and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983.

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