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Aisha Gaddafi gave birth at the border

Put Aisha daughter of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's daughter, a day after she fled withher ​​family to others of the Algerian territory.

News of the birth of new grandson of Colonel fugitive days after the fall of his regime andconfirmed by the Algerian Ministry of Health and disclosed, the Algerian Ambassador to the United Nations Mehdi Ben Mrad in a letter to the UN Security Council.

The ambassador pointed out in his letter that Aisha was born came into the world on the same day that her mother crossed the border, "without medical assistance."

He added that Aisha was given the opportunity to enter the territory of his country's"humanitarian grounds".

Called the Associated Press that the baby was born I called descriptive (on the name ofher grandmother) as "dramatic", saying it shows some human dimensions to overthrowthe dictator, who disappeared in an unknown location.

The Aisha Gaddafi, had fled with her mother Safia and her two brothers Mohammed and their children to Hannibal and Algeria on my car, SUV and a bus and a Mercedes.

The Algerian press reported that the pregnancy Aisha Gaddafi was behind Algeria's decision to allow the controversial Colonel's family members to enter the Libyanterritory.

Source: Associated Press

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