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Patience of Job

This story has become the proverbial patience of Job
The story of Prophet Ayyub
Percentage peace be upon him

Ibn Ishaq said: He was a man of rum, a conductive Ayoub Bin Bin Ais the son of ZerahBen Isaac Ben Abraham.

Sakba and told his mother that the girl Lot peace be upon him. It was his father who wassafe on Abraham peace be upon him thrown in the fire did not burn.

The well known is the first one, because it is a descendant of Abraham, as we decidedwhen he says: The descendants of David and Solomon and Job and Joseph and Mosesand Aaron ...} verses.

That the right to return to the conscience without Noah Ibrahim peace be upon them.

One of the prophets under the inspiration to them in the Sura of Women in the verse: {Verily We have revealed to you as We inspired Noah and the prophets after him, andWe inspired Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes, and Jesus and Job} verse.

Peace be upon him his story

Allah says: {and Job Club The Lord touched me that I harm you Most Merciful * We answered him have taken notice of what it gave him and harmed his family and the same with them, mercy from us and the anniversary of the Abdeen}.

He says in Surat Al: And remember Our servant Ayyub, as called for his Lord, I am touched me Satan set up and torment * Run Berglk this bather a cool drink * and gave him his family and the same with them the mercy of us and a reminder for men of understanding * and take your hand Dgtha and strike it or breaks the oath and I found it patient Yes Abed said obedient}.

Scientists said the interpretation, history, and others: Job was a man much money from all its types and types of cattle, slaves, livestock, land and expanding the land from the land of Albuthaina Horan.

And told Sakba they were all for him, and had sons and Ohlon many, Vm of all of that, and afflicted in body types of plague, leaving him a member of a sound, only his heart and tongue, The Almighty God by which the whole Saber calculated Zakir God Almightyin the days and nights, and morning and evening.

It was a long illness, even Aaffh likeness, and the most brutal than amiable, and get out of his country, and thrown on the ash heap outside, and cut off his people, leaving one be tender him are his wife, took care of him right, and you know is kindness to them, and pity them, was reluctant to it, Vtsaleh of would, and help him to the toilet, and you Bmsalehth.

And poor condition, and say what to, so they serve people remuneration, to feed him and lead Bodh God bless them and Erdaha, a patient with what's happened to them from the parting of money and the boy, and what is unique to the bereaved husband, and the lack of money, and serve the people after happiness, and grace , service, and integrity, I am God and to Him we return.

Has been proven correct in that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said:
((Most people are liars, and righteous, then the optimal Valomthel, man will be tested depending on the religion, the religion was Zayd himself of hardness)).

All this did not increase Ayoub peace be upon him only patience and hope of reward and thank and thank you, so that the ideals of hits Bsberh peace be upon him, and also set an example of what happened to him from the kinds of hardships.

And Mujahid said: Ayoub peace be upon him was the first hit of smallpox, has differed in the duration of the calamity statements; claimed that he gave plagued three years does not increase or decrease.

Anas said: plagued by seven years and months, gave to the dustbin of the children of Israel are different beasts in his body, even Farajallah him, and the greatness of his reward, and praise him the best.

Hamid said: he stayed in the calamity of eighteen years.
Al-Saddi said: loss of flesh, not even to the bone and nerve, was his wife comes to him Tafrhh beneath ashes, and when the long-
Said: O Lord Ayoub if I called you into the vagina,
He said: I had lived seventy years, true, it could just be patient for God to his seventy years, Fjzaat of this speech, and they serve people remuneration, feed Job peace be upon him.

Moreover, people did not use the knowledge she is a woman Ayoub, for fear that they may attain himself of, or Tadém Bmkhaltth, why not find anyone to deliberately Fbaat used to supervise one of the daughters of some Dfirtaha, with eating a good many, missed by Ayoub,
He said: Where did you get this? And denied.
She said people served by the
When it tomorrow can not find anyone, other diets Fbaat plexus Vonl missed it too, and vowed not to eat until you tell him where to have this food, her veil, revealing her head, when he saw her head shaved off, he said in his supplication:

{I touched me harm and you Most Merciful!

'Abd-Allaah ibn' Ubayd ibn Amir said:
Ayub brothers had, not one day be unable to Fjaoua Adnoa that smelled of him, they rose from afar, one of them said to his friend: if God was aware of what good Ayoub tests him this, Ayoub of panicked and alarmed not saying anything of the crazed cat.
He said: Oh God, you know I did not father the night of Havana, and I never know where hungry Vsedkna, Vsedk from the sky and were listening.

Then he said: Oh God, I know that I was not me wearing two chemises, and I never know where a shame, Vsedkna Vsedk from the sky and were listening.

Then he said: O glory fell down in prostration, and he said: Oh God, glory does not raise my head never even reveal about me, what he lifted his head to find out about it.

Anas bin Malik that the Prophet peace be upon him said:
((The Prophet Ayoub broadcast by himself of eighteen years, Its refusal to the near and long term only two of his brothers were two of his brothers, particularly for him, were to him and Igdoan Arouhan,
One of them said to his companion: God knows I have sinned a sin what Ayoub Oznnbh one of the worlds
The owner said to him: What is that?
He said since the eighteen years I have angered the Lord have mercy on him, and when it did not Raha patient man even mentioned that to him.
Ayoub said: I do not know what you are saying is that God Almighty knows that I ordered the two men fighting over Ivkran God refer to my house Vokvr them, hate to mention God only in the right)).

He said: ((and it comes out in his time if he needs his wife held his hand until he returns, and when he was slowed by one day, God revealed to Job that is in place

{Run Berglk this bather a cool drink!
Fastbtoth Vtlgueth consider, and accept them may go by God, what a scourge of the best of what was,
When she saw him said, 'What God bless you Did you see the prophet of God, who suffers from this, I swear by what I saw a man like you as it was true,
He said: I is I)).

Said: ((and had a Ondran: the rarest of the rarest of wheat and barley, God sent a Shaptin, when he was one of the rarest wheat emptied the gold until the flooding, and the other emptied the rarest in the paper until barley burst)).
This lift is very strange talk, and most likely to be suspended.

Ibn Abbas said: Allah and wear a suit of Paradise Ayoub stepped aside and sat in the hand, and came with his wife did not know.
She said: 'O Abdullah, who was afflicted with this problem here may be gone by dogs or wolves, and made to speak to him an hour.
He said: Perhaps I am Job.
She said: Otschr me, O slave of Allah?
He said: Woe I Ayoub, may God responded to my body.
Ibn Abbas said: It says it is his money and his son Boaaanam and the same with them.

He gave Ben Alarm Clock: God revealed to him: You have repeated your family, and the owner, and the same ghusl with water, this will grant you healing and near Sahapetk for an offering, and ask forgiveness for them, they may Asona you. Narrated by Ibn Abi Hatim.

From Abu Hurayrah, the Prophet peace be upon him said:
((What is Affey Job peace be upon him showered upon locusts of gold, and started to take his hand and makes the clothes
He said: It was said to him, Ayoub The saturation?
He said: O Lord, is full of mercy)).

Abu Huraira said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him:
((Ayoub bath naked while another by locusts of gold, and started Ayoub Agesa on his clothes and called out to his Lord: 'O Ayyub al-pain song about what I see.
He said: Yes, O Lord, but not indispensable to me for your pool)).

And he said: {run} Berglk

Ie, multiply the ground Berglk obeyed the command of it, Vonba God has appointed a cold water, and ordered to take a bath in and drink them, Allaah took away from him what was the find of pain, injury and dieback disease, who was in his body outwardly and inwardly, and replaced him with God after all, the health of the phenomenon of and invisible, and completely beautiful, and money has poured so much money Saba great rain of gold locusts.

And compensate his family, as God Almighty said: {and We gave him his family and the same with them!

It was said: Allah Ahaahm Boaaanam,
It was said that one who advances his wage and offset them in this world and raising him Referrals Pklhm reunited in the Hereafter.
And saying: {the mercy of our own 'ie, we raised about intensity, and have uncovered what its harm us by the mercy and compassion and kindness.

{And the anniversary of the Abdin 'ie, a reminder of those afflicted in his body or his money or his son, he is like the prophet Job, where God tests him with what is greater than that calculated and is patient, even Farajallah him.
Ibn 'Abbas: God responded to his wife her youth, and increasing them until he was born twenty-six and a son.
Ayoub and lived seventy years after the land of the religion of the Roman Alhanifip, then changed after the religion of Abraham.

And saying: Take your hand and strike him Dgtha not renege of Sabra and I found it Yes it is obedient slave!

This license from God to His servant and His Messenger, peace be upon him Ayoub, as he was beaten by his oath to his wife one hundred lashes
It was said that his alliance to sell Dvaúrha.
And it was said that the presentation of Satan in the form of a doctor prescribe medicine to Ayoub, told him he knew that he misses the devil, swore to beat her one hundred lashes.

When healed, God fatwa to take Dgtha, a Kaloskal which combines fireworks collected by all and beat her by one blow, and this house status of beating a hundred lashes, Weber not broken his oath, and that of the vagina and director who fears God and obey Him, especially in the right of his wife, forbearing calculated toil friendly, adult righteous, God bless them.
This is after this license and its ills, saying: {Verily we found Sabra Yes it obedient servant}.
Has been used by many scholars of this License in the door of faith and vows, and the expansion of others, even where they put the tricks in the book of salvation of faith.

The mention of Ibn Jarir and other scholars of history: that Ayub peace be upon him as he died at the age of ninety-three years, and said that he lived more than that,

It was narrated from Mujahid Leith what it means is that the Day of Resurrection Allahinvoked peace upon Suleiman on the rich, peace be upon him and Bob on the slaves,and Boaob peace be upon the people of the scourge, narrated by Ibn Asaker sense.

And that he recommended to his son Homl, and the thing after him and his son Bishr ibnAyyub, who claim many of the people that Zulkifli God knows best.

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