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Vatican denies news of the resignation of the Pope

The Vatican has denied a report in Italian newspaper on Sunday, saying that Pope Benedict examines the idea of ​​resigning next year, when he is 85 years.

Said Father Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman said Pope's health is excellent, "I do not know anything about this, ask one of his books."

The author said Antonio Catholic newspaper in Sochi on Sunday, Wipro, said that the Pope is thinking of resigning when the eighty-fifth in April / April, the writer did not refer to any source or reason.

The Pope said in a book last year that he would not hesitate to be the first pope to resign voluntarily for more than 700 years, if he felt he could no longer physically, psychologically and spiritually to manage the Catholic Church.

Lombardi noted that the Pope was held together very well during his trip to his native Germany, and said it was clear that he is still able to deal with the obligations very difficult.

The thought of a number of popes in recent history - including Pope John Paul - to resign for health reasons, rather than remain in office for life.

The last pope to resign voluntarily from his post is Pope Celestine V in 1294, after the title, only five months, stepped down and Pope Gregory XII reluctantly in 1415, ending a dispute with a competitor demanding job.

Source: Reuters

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