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Emergence of the first railway
Opened the first railway in 1825 m the planning of English George Stephenson, the owner of mines Klanjurth where he was able Stevenson of the establishment of a railway in the mines Klanjurth he was called Stevenson to build a railway from Stockton to Darlington and from there to Sheldon, a distance the length of its line of Iron 40 km has been used Stevenson During this project, some hard drives that can be used in Qatar vehicles on the lines emerging difficult using chains and pulleys and decided to Stevenson to produce these engines himself became a partner in the factories engineering locomotives Newcastle has used the line of Stockton - Darlington in the first place in the transport of goods only, but soon shown to be beneficial for the transfer of passenger vehicles Fjhzat appropriate, but it has been sometimes by horse, while the locomotives were used on goods vehicles.During the busy Stevenson line iron Stockton - Darlington thought some of the businessmen in Lancashire in building a line between the city of Manchester and the port of Liverpool and for the transport of raw materials for industries of cotton between the two cities and exports of textiles, ready-made has been cleared a preliminary to the road proposal and despite the enthusiasm of men of industry but the landowners did notthey agree, come and complain to the British Parliament and discussions were heated but that ended with the ratification by the government to build the railway had been consulted Stephenson he agreed to take over management of the project was not Stevenson uses only the skill and human effort began to extend fifty kilometers of lines dual has continued the project for four years among which 63 bridges were also digging a tunnel at a depth of 30 meters for a distance of three miles through the boulders rock in Mount Olive as the D pillars above the quagmire of Chat Moss until the opening of the Liverpool - Manchester on September 15, 1830 and was the first line is used when steam train and the first line I use to transport passengers.


German steam trainInitially the railway consists of two parallel steel rods held to mediated by metal screws or bolts vertically on a set of wooden planks or concrete, which in turn parallel with each other, in order to maintain the same distance between them and to secure stability on the ground.Rail is usually held on a concrete foundation or on a bed of gravel on the ground and compressed in order to avoid distortion of rail and the weight of the train. Over time, increases the stability of the rail and under the weight of the locomotives passing by.Used rail to rail or rail, which cooperate with the railroad switches (or points), guide trains without the need for guidance. Parallel paths consist of steel bars, which the sleepers Warsi), or through links embedded in the ballast shaping the course of the railway track is tied to the rail links with the ears, a difference of screws or clips such as Bandrol clip.Type of cloud depends in part on the type of dormant, Snapple sleepers used on wood, and used more clippings on concrete sleepers.Usually, a baseplate or fishplates, although fishplates also a bar used to join rails) are used between the rail and wooden sleepers, and the distribution of the burden of rail over a larger area of ​​the sleeper. Ears are sometimes expelled through the hole in the baseplate for rail, while at other times is Basiblatys acute or pulling on the sleeper and the rails clipped to the baseplate.Steel bars and can carry heavier loads than any other material .. railway links the spread of pregnancy of the bars on the ground and also to hold steady with the exception of the distance bars (called measure).Rail lines are usually put on a bed of coarse stone ballast Hak known, which combines flexibility, a degree of flexibility, and good drainage .. steel bars and concrete can be placed on the block (block the path). Across the bridge, the path is mostly on the development of relations across the timber longitudinal or longitudinal steel girders.Additional details on the tracks used tram and light rail trains operations, rather than heavy rail, which is available in the path of the tram.

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