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Fantasy and reality Car Fair in Germany

First electric car from Opel bilateral seats a maximum speed of 120 km per hour (German)

125 years after the invention of the automobile for the first time, they re-discover herselfagain, and adapt to the circumstances of the times, which will become a very busyroads in addition to the scarcity of natural resources and increasing environmental pollution.

  It seems evident to visitors to the Frankfurt International Motor Show, which holds itscurrent slogan "technologies of the future will become standard equipment."

And where the visitor is over his face in the corridors of the Frankfurt show, he findsmany of the models are far or near future based on clean energy, snaking roads and goquietly into the city without the noise.

Any tour of the exhibition halls to support the impression that the era of electric cars has already started, you can hardly find a car company did not provide battery-poweredmodels or during their participation in the activities of the Frankfurt International.

Mercedes-Benz test (German)

FormsStand many of the electric car displayed a few steps away from entering into the stage of record production.
For example, Mercedes-Benz presented the third generation of electric Smart car, which will go on sale in the markets over the next year.
The company is Volkswagen German customers offering an electric car model in addition to the launch of small battery-powered model of the famous golf car. Also there is talk of BMW about the car i3, is expected to appear in shows selling cars in two years.
VersionsThe car companies continue on this path and provides many of the Frankfurt Fair releases electrical forward-looking term.
And reflected in the small car with high technology for functioning within the big cities which allow you to walk in narrow paths during traffic jams and bottlenecks permanent, as well as driving pleasure while walking within cities.
Although the models look like seats or bilateral single-seat, as if they were designed to portray a science fiction comedy.
Speaks of the Executive Director of Opel, Carl Friedrich for these models as experimental designs to open the appetite, which wants to discover the extent customer acceptance of such concepts.
He says development director for Audi Michelle have said, "but the test of these models is more than just exercise for the fingers of the designers, it technically is expected to enter the stage of record production within two to three years."

Volkswagen (German)
New In addition to experimental models and models for display only, saw the current session of the Frankfurt International unveiling several new models, which will be put on the market soon.
Show that small cars prompted by the aspirations of a large car such as Volkswagen and the new model of Fiat and the second generation of Kia and third version of the Toyota car.
The exhibition also attracted people who want to acquire a family car, through new models such as Opel or the second generation of Mercedes-Benz.
The exhibition included new models to meet the desire of fans driving in rough terrain where she was waiting in the car from Mercedes-Benz M-Class and a Mazda C X-5.

Source: German

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