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"Kendall Fire," a new competitor for the iPad

The new device to Amazon will not be up before November next (French - Archive)
Amazon has launched e-commerce the name "Kindle Fire" on the production of the upcoming Tablet PC, which will compete with "iPad" which is produced by Apple.

The site TechCrunch news on technology and who reported the news that the new agency will not put on the market before the beginning of November next.

Amazon has not confirmed it will announce the new device on Wednesday, despite the talk about a news conference scheduled for the company's Chief Executive Jeff Bezos reveals where the Tablet PC for the first time.
And is expected to range from sales of Amazon's new Tablet PC device between three to five million units during the fourth quarter of this year.
The screen size of the new product compared to 7 inches to 10 inches of screen "iPad", and pointed out that the cost will reach $ 250, half the price of the larger rival, iPad.
The Amazon has announced on Monday a new agreement to broadcast the production network, "Fox" of movies and TV shows directly on the Internet.
It is possible to enhance the agreement with the "Fox" the chances of the new device to Amazon, which seeks to establish an integrated system allows the user to access product information, Internet surfing, shopping via Amazon e-store, in addition to the use of other services offered by the company.

Analysts say Amazon - with its clients, estimated at millions and presentations for broadcast media on the Internet - has the best chance so far to shake the throne of the iPad, although other devices compete - such as Samsung and HP. P and R. Any. Or - has had little success.

Source: German

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