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Why do you need to change or charge the battery every day that you are using a mobile computer?

Usually use only two types of batteries can be recharged, battery acid and lead plates are typically used in car engines, and batteries, "Nickel Kadiom" or "Nicad". And that the magnitude of its proportion to its size. Although the batteries Alnicad expensive than other types, but everyone likes to use them in computers (Lap Top) and non-electrical drilling tools, and wireless devices, and razors, of course, where light weight and ease of use are of the essence. The batteries Alnicad Also, if used properly - could be loaded and unloaded several times "which of course reduces the already high price," as it has a fixed capacity per charge, although the performance drops immediately at the end of energy.
We note here that the battery acid with lead plates gradually emptied before recharging the batteries "almost" bad must Alantbhae it. If you always use for a certain period before being used again, it has its own memory about the level of cargo usually spend.Vofterd, for example, you are always one hour in the evening on your computer before re-shipped at night. Usually the session one third the battery will lose its charge. With the passage of time the battery will become accustomed to working at this rate and start to give up parts of others or the rest of the amount of the shipment. This, of course, a problem when the change's nice and it was decided to work three hours and for some reason, not be able to recharge at work, because you taught her to work one-third of capacity.
For this reason, advise manufacturers of electric devices that work almost strongly batteries, that emptying your battery once every three months or so and leave (not charged) is completely empty for 24 hours, then re-shipped in the normal way. (We advise you not to try to empty the battery, it becomes useless and could lead to harmful chemical reactions). 

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