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Strained relations between Hamas and the UNRWA

Is no longer a secret that there is tension in the relations between the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in Gaza, especially after the deputies from Hamas organized a protestoutside the headquarters of the IAEA on the back to take UNRWA's series of actionscontrary to the role assigned to it, according to House says the protesters.

The Hamas openly criticizing UNRWA in the wake of the IAEA to stop this one Nkabahawork on the back of his participation in the effectiveness of trade union in which Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, the deposed government.

But the fact that the question refers to the arrest of trade union were not only the strawthat broke the camel's back, and pushed Hamas to come out publicly in criticism of the IAEA after undertaking a series of measures incompatible with the rights of Palestinian refugees in recent years, according to critics.

He says the deputy in the Change and Reform bloc loyal to the Hamas movement in the Legislative Council the safety of Salem, the UNRWA not only to reduce services andcracking down on Palestinian refugees, but extended her hand to separate theChairman of the Federation of Arab employees in it.

Charge and linesThe Attorney-safety - who participated in the protest outside the headquarters of the Agency in Gaza - in his talk of the island, that UNRWA crossed red lines through the evasion of the responsibilities slowly, and punish the President of the Federation of Arab employees - a manager of a school - for his participation a decade ago in a ceremony honoring to students early in the presence of a symbol of the nation, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, and considering it as staining the reputation of the agency.
The deputy accused Hamas agency UNRWA diving in the mud of political and out of the scope of specialization and position themselves in the category of the enemy, because they erred in the right of the symbols of resistance and Jihad, codes and symbols of the nation, according to the source.
Said the parliamentarian said, "Until this moment, not Hamas nor the legislators nor the government any pressure on the Agency, and the vigil is the support of Professor Suhail Indian stopped agency work, and in condemnation of the exit of the agency for its scope, put itself in a position of political abuse line government, which operates under the banner ".
For its part, responded Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, "UNRWA" on charges of Hamas lawmakers through a brief statement circulated by the media, and stressed that the suspension of work Suhail Indian for three months without pay was due to the exercise of activities outside the UNRWA without the authorization required by the laws of the inside .
The agency strongly denied the reported remarks as Tahjmt the symbol of the Palestinian people.
Repeated Alice Spokesmen for UNRWA in the occupied Palestinian Sami Mhah, but he refused to respond to their inquiries or reported to by his aides.

Causes of tensionFor his part, said Issam aggression academic specialist in the affairs of the Palestinian issue and secretary of the UNRWA and the Watch, that the cause of strained relations between Hamas and the UNRWA due to the prevention of the Agency to Nkabaha to meet with political figures, and the suppression of freedoms, as well as make the agency a series of actions related to the education of the Jewish Holocaust of the Palestinian students , and change the logo so that limits the scope of its services to refugees residing in Palestine only, and the campaign of major cuts in services.
The official of the Organization of UNRWA's Watch, which means control of the People on the performance of UNRWA, the number of actions taken by the agency, UNRWA, in recent years to make it in the eyes of Hamas deviate from their role of vocational and immerse themselves in political issues are at the heart of the conflict, Crvdha run people politicians or members of the currents resistance which were not doing several years ago.
The aggression that UNRWA is under pressure from donors, led by the United States in order not to prejudice the interests and considerations when dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian issues.
He expected the specialist in the affairs of refugees to see the relationship between the government run by Hamas and the agency further crisis in the next stage, because UNRWA does not recognize the government of Gaza and refuses to meet with the Prime Minister or any of his ministers.

Source: Al Jazeera

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