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Hague warns of increasing Israel's isolation

Warned the British Foreign Secretary William Hague that Israel has become increasingly isolated, and began running out of time for the leaders to reach a peace agreement on the two-state solution with the Palestinians. He reiterated his government's condemnation of the activities of Jewish settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
Wrote high in an article published in the Sunday Telegraph Sunday, "should Israel's friends to be concerned about the increasing isolation in the international community," adding that Britain would refrain from voting if the vote in the UN Security Council to request the establishment of the State, which handed him the head of the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to the United Nations on Friday evening.
Hague said in his article, "While we support the establishment of a Palestinian state, we know that to reach a negotiated settlement is the only way is capable of establishing a Palestinian state is viable, and can not be any decision of the United Nations a substitute for the necessary political will if he wants the parties to sit negotiating table. "
The new British foreign secretary condemned his government for the activities of Jewish settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
The British official called on Palestinians not to set preconditions for many to return to the negotiations mediated by the Quartet for the peace process in the Middle East, which includes

The United States and the European Union and the United Nations and Russia.

British concernThe newspaper pointed out that British officials are concerned about the possibility that Israel may not recognize that the present situation on the ground is shifting to the detriment of it, and it became in their interest to offer a generous and bold at this stage, according to a senior source in the British government.
The proposal raised the international Quartet to resume negotiations in the wake of my speech by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the General Assembly on Friday evening.
Abbas said in his speech said that the negotiations with Israel are no longer feasible at the present stage, but he refuses to be continued after the admission of Palestine as a full member of the United Nations and a settlement freeze, while Netanyahu reiterated his call to resume negotiations, although he refused they are based on the 1967 borders.
The Israeli-European relations have been tense middle of this month against the backdrop of the Palestinian attempt to gain United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state within 1967.
The Haaretz newspaper reported that the Israeli Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassadors of five European countries great, and the responsible ministry, scold them, the newspaper pointed out that the ambassadors also responded firmly, which made the meeting charged and tense.
Quoted by Haaretz on 16 this month, Ran Koraial first deputy director general of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, and Naor Galion, deputy director general of the ministry for European affairs, summoned to the conversation scolding ambassadors of France, Germany, Britain, Spain and Italy in Tel Aviv.
And it took place, including the background to which these countries the talks and consultations in order to reach the position and vote of a unified EU-27 on the Palestinian attempt at the United Nations, where the Europeans are trading raise diplomatic representation at the United Nations to the State of the membership is incomplete compared to abandon the Palestinians on the progress of the organizationInternational recognition of the request for full membership.

Source: agencies

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