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American singer enter Guinness Bozafarha

Entered the American singer in Las Vegas Guinness Book of World Records forlongest fingernails class, having reached a total length of the nails in her hands, both of609 centimeters.

The newspaper quoted Neewooark Daily News for Chris Walton (45 years), nicknamed the Duchess as saying she feels that the nail part of her body, and she was born with itand do not know what to do without them.

"I'm confident that I Saqsa in the day, but I'm not able to see this because I used it a lot."

Said Walton, a mother of six girls and a grandmother of three children, she begandeveloping her nails by accident 18 years ago, so the length of the nail of a finger ring to the Mara.

The previous holder of the title to Lee Redmond has 883 cm of the nails, but lost in a traffic accident in 2009.

Walton said that her nails do not impede the life they are cooked, cleaned, and leadingthe work is different.

Source: UPI

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