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Scientific Miracles in the Quran when the sun rises from the west

Since the display period in television for a meeting with Dr. Zaghloul Al Najjar, professor of earth sciences and Djilogia about the scientific miracles in the Quran from the point of view as a scientist in geology .. Mentioned in several points, including these:
1. It is known that the Earth rotates around itself in a complete cycle every 24 hours and this rotation, which results in night and day and direction of the sun appears from the east and sets from the west. The scientists found that the Earth slow down the speed of rotation is part of a second every 100 years, said that since 4000 million years was the duration of each of the night and day just 4 hours .. The movement of rotation in the slow, even equal to the length of each of the Night and day .. As a corollary to this slowdown will come a time when the earth stopped spinning completely .. After a short stop and scientifically must begin to spin in the reverse direction and then, instead of the sun from the east as we will rise from the west. (Purely scientific evidence to the inevitability of the rising of the sun from the west)

Question whether the rate of slowdown is known, it means that the time for likability stop the ground completely known, does this mean that the resurrection known time?

Valkiema both have special status, but God puts proof of the possibility of occurrence, it is Mercy Maiwkd it leaves us with that and this contradicts the impossibility of say Aldahryon rising of the sun from the west. ((Probably what is happening outside of the ordinary lead to accelerate the process of slowing down, for example hydrogen bomb or asteroid colliding with the planet or star, etc. .. is important that the principle exists)).

2. The scientists that the earth and when the stands will be followed by a period of turmoil in the movement before it starts spinning backward, and in the period of suspension that will not be the speed of the earth in rotation regularly and it will not be for today's piece of information, as dissension now have long had limits. Any of that before the Day of Resurrection will be There is a temporary disturbance in the length of the day will not be as Nahdh now.

In Saheeh Muslim: Tell us Safwan bin Saleh Damascus muezzin Tell us Alwaleed Tell us Ibn Jaber told me Yahya bin Jabir al-Tai for Abdul Rahman bin Jabir bin trumpet from his father from the pendulum Ben Simon hamate He said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him Antichrist, said that out, and I in you, I Hgejeh without you even come out and I am not among you Vamra of himself, is my successor every Muslim, it catches up you should read it first few verses of Surat Al-Kahf it your neighborhood from his fitnah we said and what was in the land said Forty days a year, one day like a month and the day like a week and the rest of the days like your days and we said, O Messenger of God, this day as a year Otkvana which prayers day and night said no Akedroa him of and then come down to Jesus the son of Mary, the white minaret in the east of Damascus Fadrickh at the door of LED and killed told us Issa bin Mohammed told us Damra for Alsabana Amr bin Abdullah Abu Umaamah the Prophet peace be upon him towards him and said prayers such as means *

3. ((If Lightning sight * * The moon eclipsed the sun and the collection and the Moon)) Resurrection Verse 7-9

Scientists have proved that the moon away from Earth at a rate of 3 cm each year. This will lead spacing in one time to the approach of the moon from the sun and thus to enter the attraction, which more than attractive ground and then Stbtalh sun (when) in the science of God, and whenever the distance of the moon from the earth twice the light like a swallow in order to enter in the attractiveness of the sun and then the collection the sun and the moon.

4. ((We close on the sky Kti record for the books as we first created him back, except we were actors)) Prophets verse 104

The scientists that the world may be the result of an explosion resulted in the enormous mass of the planets and the stars .. Scientists also say that, on that just as the explosion of the world, it will end the withdrawal and contraction of this world that will make this withdrawal a shrinking universe Calcgel folded

5. ((Is the one who made the sun light and moon light and the amount of homes to know the number of years and the reckoning of God's creation is only right separates the verses for a people who knew)) Verse 5 Younis

Describes the Quran as a Zia sun and the moon as a light, science and differentiate between light and the light. . Valzia Shining comes from the body itself, while the light is the reflection of light on the body .. It is well known and constant sun radiates light to produce light alone, while the moon reflects the light of the sun on it. Nevertheless, the qualification and therefore the Qur'an came here with great accuracy to describe all the light from the sun and the moon.

6. ((And if the stars fall)) Pelleting verse 2, ((If the stars obscured)) Posts verse 8: Scientists did not know the stages of the life of the star is only 20 or 30 years old only .. And similar to the Quranic description of what is happening in nature resulting from the start of the light gradually fading until it disappears completely ((blurs)). And ending the life of the star explosion in this God says ((and if the planets are scattered)) Infitar 2. ((I swear Balkhns neighborhood synagogues *)): Pelleting verse 15.16 on the sky contains stars are designated as black holes .. These black holes is a star of high-intensity ((mass density of 250 tons / cubic cm)) the density that is absorbed or ingested anything approaching him even light itself, therefore, seems to blacks, this star is not visible .. As a result of the disappearance of this star from view deep debated among scientists about the reality of its existence or not even acknowledged its existence in the end, scientists, despite lack of vision has been inferred from the tremendous power withdrawn by the star's radiation and electronics.

If we look at the Quranic verse, we find that Allah Almighty says ((I swear Balkhns)) and Alkhns in the language is the thing that the Erie and Alkhns is a gross exaggeration in his disappearance. The sweep is derived from the sense of sweeping the sky, a survey page Mathbt do these stars by the ingestion of each Mikablha in the sky until it disappears. If Valthagb black star on the accumulation of himself and sucked up the light was changed to the Erie and guided to the scope of attracting Electronics. . And that star is going on in orbit .. During this rotation, it corresponds to other planets swallowed once approached him .. And remain at this state until the corresponding block Vinfjr hard to swallow it like a repeat of this explosion happened when the universe began.

Describes one of American Scientists, describes this world black hole with the wording Vacuum giant sky ((Super giant vacuum cleanes)) is as such and there is read from the Koran. Consider how this description of God as a star a star Khans Cans, before converting any of the scientists to do so.

7. ((* Iram of the Pillars which were not produced as in the country)) dawn verse 7, the scientists questioned before in the history of a people who returned. They quoted that the region which he stated that the people who lived there returned the Empty Quarter desert region is a severe drought for the Plant where no water and it also has long, it is not reasonable that a civilization has the .. Or that humans lived there one day. At the time this was filmed close to the region to show satellite images has been made clear, the semblance of a stream of two rivers, one from the east and the other from the west .. In another flight Souraalghemr industrial deeper and found the same rivers and how they flow into the lake and on the side of the lake there are the remains of the city did not see the greatness also found a castle on the columns did not know human building in such a height ((Iram of the Pillars which were not produced as in the country ))

So Many of the discoveries of scientists like spoken verses and read them.

8. Do they not see we come land Nnqsa of the parties to it and God governs not overturn the ruling, a quick calculation interpreted this text is old that the lack of parties, but the death of the scientists that leads to corruption in the land Vkonha detract in the interpretations of other deficiency of the parties, explains the conquests of the Islamic which limits the State of disbelief. . Etc.. The land is scientifically composed of mountains with the peaks and these peaks are the parties and flat land as well as the Parties to the ground and being mathematically spherical shape as it has a spherical shape to any other parties. Scientists have proved that the earth is in a recession continues .. This contraction occurs as a result of vast energy emitted from the earth to the outside by volcanoes .. Those volcanoes which pulls out the components of the Earth, which works to shrink .. The scientists confirmed that the Earth was at the beginning of its inception, the earth 2000 times the current that we know.

Scientists also know well that the erosion of the mountains to take receipt of the slopes in this diminution of the parties at the expense of the mountains slopes.

9. ((And with the earth fault)) Tariq divides God in Sura Tariq ground fault, a division of a great cosmic truth was not understood by scientists until recently .. For the land cover of rocky stretches for hundreds of thousands of kilometers along the surface of the earth, permeating the lithosphere number of fissures or cracks are closely related to each other so fully to almost one little crack scientists that this is necessary for the rift-related Imran .. The land is the large amount of radioactive material, which always break down this degradation results in tremendous energy if you do not find them an outlet to the ground as it went off ..

10. ((He created man from a clot)) was the subject of strange leeches in ancient verse ((suspended)) is the term in the collection while creating a human leech from one .. Finally it became clear to scientists that the clot-forming human being was in the original number of the ((leeches)) all raced to reach the best one, and this clot and be human.

11. ((And the sea kept filled)) phase: Sger in any language on Kindle Vahmah thing. I swear by God the sea kept filled. How old did not absorb any Asger sea is protected in the original water .. And finally proved to scientists that the sea rocks on the ocean floor rocks are protected and the balance between water and heat to Aatafi water temperature does not heat the water .. It may happen that the rising molten rock, or volcanic eruptions to be islands on the surface of water as an island of Hawaii.

12. ((We have sent Our Messengers with clear proofs, and revealed with them the Scripture and the Balance of the people with justice, and We sent down iron in which quite severe and benefits to the people and God knows who supports him and his messengers unseen God is Strong, Almighty)) iron: made up the ground from several layers on top of some of the latest is the core steel is the core of the earth. This core consists of iron steel.

Commentators said that the old sent down this verse has come the sense of destiny, or created or was not one of us imagine that the intended landing is the actual meaning of the word. Iron is the backbone of the industry operational and inventions in human life but that is the source of magnetic attraction of the land as he is most of the red substance in the blood of humans and animals and it is also the most green matter in plants. When the said benefits to the people we recognize this and see that the iron very, very bravely. The scientists found that the iron it needs to be made up to very high temperature so that the sun can not be provided .. So that the energy crisis to form a single iron atom and one more than all the solar energy Bmjmuatna four times at least.

Scientists also discovered stars, called Palmstarat temperature by hundreds of billions of degrees Celsius and scientists to become uncovered Hzhalnujom is the only place which can produce iron availability to the temperature of that crisis. From the intense heat melts the star transformed into iron to be life-cycle and then explode .. And then the earth was a pile of ash so stoned barrage of iron meteorites are attracted and begin to form the land that consisted of layers of known and thus we see that the iron has sent down to earth ejaculate have mentioned the Koran before the discovery of more than four centuries ago.


Seven layers of the Earth: the core of the heart means the heart of iron, nickel, 4 scarves rocky cover any full seven layers ((God, who created the seven heavens and the Earth Command descends between them like them to know that God has power over all things and that God had taken note of everything))

Preparation of M / Saman Arif

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