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Obama's call to stay in Iraq

The Washington Post published an article written by MPs Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham and Democrat Joseph Lieberman all agreed on the seriousness of the withdrawal from Iraq.

The paper says they hope not to the health news of the survival of three thousand U.S. troops in Iraq after the withdrawal, and justify this hope that this approach ignored the recommendations of military leaders, and threaten the fragile stability in Iraq and putting all the gains made by America's hard-won in danger unnecessarily, and gain cost American blood and money.
The book they traveled frequently to Iraq, and met with leaders in Baghdad and local officials across the country, also met with U.S. military commanders and diplomats, and what they have heard is always that security and stability in Iraq requires the continued U.S. military presence after the end of this year, at the end of the security agreement current with Iraq. Also heard also that in view of the basic tasks after the end of 2011 carried out by the remaining force, the required number of soldiers must be between ten thousand and 25 thousand soldiers, but no one has suggested that three thousand would be enough.

The authors explain their reasons and they said that the fears and placed before the Committee on the Senate Armed Services last February by senior civilian and military leaders in Baghdad, the Americans, such as Ambassador James Jeffrey, Gen. Lloyd Austin.

As stated in the commentary, there are significant gaps in the ability of Iraqi security forces that can not be ready before the end of this year, including intelligence gathering and analysis, counterterrorism operations, training and maintenance, and protection of Iraqi airspace. And concluded that either the survival of some U.S. forces to help the Iraqis to bridge these gaps, or withdrawal, but at the expense of the security of both Iraq and America.

The book also touched on what seemed to them the most dangerous mission to stabilize Iraq, and they said that the situation in the north is what raises concern, as intensifying tension between Arabs and Kurds. On several occasions, most recently last February, almost the tension turns into violence, but that U.S. forces prevented the conflict could spark a new civil war. To avoid this terrible result, it is necessary to maintain U.S. military presence in the disputed territories after 2011, be sure that this task will not be possible with three thousand soldiers only.
Also opposed the book statements by some advocates of reducing the U.S. presence for reasons of tax, where they said there is no difference in the budget of three thousand soldiers, or more than that, but the difference will be between democratic and stable Iraq and a pro-America and Iraq is mired in chaos and can cost Americans a lot, and then can be seen from the outside it as a major defeat for the United States and falling in front of her greatest enemies, namely al-Qaeda and Iran.

The authors concluded their article by asking Barack Obama to listen again to the advice of military commanders and others with experience in Iraq and not to listen to the proposals demand a smaller troop there, because they risk dragging on America's foreign policy and national security.

Source: Washington Post

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