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Admirers star «Justin Bieber» cause in the case of an emergency channel «ITV» British

British 300 girls tried to break into the studio channel "ITV", which was located where the star "Justin Bieber" in the capital London.

New drugs are paid to eat human flesh

Miami police issued a warning of a new drug vehicle called the «Cloud Nine» after eating homeless man threatened two officers in the police and reported another incident in which the aggressor charges against another person. And called the police and the units to extreme caution after a second accident caused by harmful use of these drugs close to the grain «Ecstasy».

«No. Satan» .. Banned in Sweden

Sky News
Swedish authorities forced a man to change the number "666" on his car, saying it symbolizes the devil.

Pictures .. Madonna to «veil» to visit the mosques of Turkey

Turkish public was extraordinary to see the pop star Madonna, wearing modest clothing and head covering, because of the tour by the archaeological sites in Turkey, including antique ancient mosques, accompanied by her boyfriend Algerian Ibrahim Zibat.

Amusement game save British girl from certain death!

لعبة ملاهي تنقذ فتاة بريطانية من موت محقق!
Caused the game to within one of the amusement parks in the survival of a British girl from certain death. The Emma Bassett (19 years) suffering severe headaches and dizziness as a result of her brain tumor is about to kill it before getting in the game known as the (roller coaster).

Brazilian child wakes up from the dead students a glass of water from his father and then die again!

طفل برازيلى يستيقظ من الموت طالباً كوب ماء من والده ثم يموت مجدداً!
While all family members gathered in a state of sadness about the coffin of their child's two-year "Kelvin," which was handed over to them the hospital in a plastic bag after the announcement of his death after a failed operation in the respiratory, if the child stand up sitting in his casket open one hour before the date of the funeral, to ask from his father a cup of water, then falls asleep to come back to die again.


Years is a Palestinian place of sleep escaped death!

عريس فلسطيني غيّر مكان نومه فنجا من الموت!
Palestinian youth escaped from certain death when his sleep is the place hours before the Israeli bombing of his home in the Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza Strip

British prison 23 days and deny access to Dubai for life because of "the kiss"

سجن بريطانية 23 يوما وحرمانها من دخول دبي مدى الحياة بسبب
According to the Sun newspaper that a British woman working in the field of real estate in Dubai, was jailed for 23 days and denied access to the Gulf emirate after being accused of exchanging a kiss in public with a friend.

Teenager kills himself by accident before the eyes of visitors to chat room

تريفور جورج
Launched a U.S. college student shot himself accidentally while he was in one of the chat rooms, Nebraska, before the eyes of the rest of the speakers who have failed to save him for the use of the dead man under a pseudonym on the Internet and their ignorance of the true identity.


Two killed in India after their town was attacked by hordes of poisonous spiders

مصرع شخصين بالهند إثر تعرض بلدتهم لهجوم من جحافل العناكب السامة
Two people were killed after exposure remote town located northeast of India under fierce attack from hordes of poisonous spiders. 

Found dead at his home Spanish man after 20 years of his disappearance

العثور على جثة رجل إسباني بمنزله بعد 20 سنة من اختفائه
Found the remains of Spanish man in the corridor of his house in the north west of the village Kanezel, after twenty years of his death. Police were searching for evidence to determine the date of death of Vicente Benito Due to the quality of the coins and notes found in the history of the house of death may be due to long before the introduction of the euro in 2002.

Argentine city plans to distribute 10 thousand whistle on women to avoid rape

مدينة أرجنتينية تعتزم توزيع 10 آلاف صافرة على السيدات لتجنب الاغتصاب
Plans to the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina, south of, the distribution of 10 thousand whistle on the ladies, in order to be used to alert when the occurrence of any sexual assaults on them, after he was reported last month for three crimes of this kind in the region.

Algerian break teeth because of his wife with a hammer out of the house without his knowledge

جزائرى يحطم أسنان زوجته بالمطرقة بسبب خروجها من المنزل بدون علمه

Algerian husband did not find any way to express his anger to his wife because of her going out of the house without his knowledge only to break her teeth with a hammer.


Russian woman sentenced to prison for 20 years convicted of murdering 17 women in 8 years

الحكم بسجن إمرأة روسية 20 عامًا أدينت بقتل 17 امرأة خلال 8 سنوات
A court in Russia's Urals region 20-year prison sentence against a woman convicted of murdering 17 women during 8 years old.

5 after they attacked Egyptian farmers ... farmer be able to wrestling a wolf and kill him

بعد أن هاجم 5 مزارعين...مزارع مصري يتمكن من مصارعة ذئب وقتله
Enable Egyptian farmer wrestling wolf and kill him, amid sugar cane fields in Luxor, and after that the wolf attacked the farmers 5.

Cheese made ​​from milk donkeys most expensive in the world

جبن مصنوع من ألبان الحمير الأغلى في العالم
Dairy cows are no longer luxury Dutch are the most expensive in the world, how much was the case before, where the lead extracted from other types of milk, a dairy, "donkeys." The most expensive types of cheese in the world that the price per kilogram than a thousand euros (1255 U.S. dollars) made ​​from the milk of asses, but not any donkeys, these donkeys living on a reservation, especially in Belgrade (the Serbian capital) and the milk that is produced is of high quality and can fetch up to € 40 per liter, according to producers.

China imposed a fine record of $ 205 thousand dollars on a couple gives birth to second child

Chinese authorities imposed a fine record and unprecedented in the history of the country amounted to 205 thousand dollars on the Chinese and his wife gives birth to second child, in contravention of the policy of "one-child" used in the huge Asian country.

U.S. deaf child the joy of hearing the voice of his mother for the first time - video

فرحة طفل أمريكي أصم بسماع صوت أمه لأول مرة - فيديو
Detect video posted on the website "YouTube", for a moment of humanity wonderful, reflected the joy of a child of two years only, while the mystery of the moment shaking emotions and shed tears from the eyes, is that the deaf child has been able to hear the voice of his mother for the first time in his life.

Cristiano Ronaldo refuses to give the Portuguese girl for wearing a shirt signed Barcelona

كريستيانو رونالدو يرفض منح طفلة برتغالية توقيعه لارتدائها قميص برشلونة
Cristiano Ronaldo, a player refuses to give his signature to a child was wearing a shirt Portuguese Spanish club Barcelona.

Researchers: man to be alone with a woman for an exciting 5 minutes endure stress

باحثون: خلوة الرجل بامرأة مثيرة لـ 5 دقائق تصيبه بالإجهاد
Concluded researchers from the University of Valencia Spanish that man to be alone with a woman for 5 minutes only capable of that stress affects men, especially if what this woman was exciting, because of the secretion of the hormone "cortisol" responsible for the stress in the body.

A British baby is deprived of tears and laughter because of a rare disease

رضيع بريطاني محروم من البكاء والضحك بسبب مرض نادر
Not a rare disease deprives the child the British "Cody James" of smiles and tears, but deprived him of the ability to show any expressions or emotions and facial.

Saudi discovers in his gut "medical gauze" in 39 years!

سعودي يكتشف في أحشائه
Saudi injured Ali Mohamed al-Shahrani panic when he learned that the tumor, which was suffering from 30 years ago is nothing but gauze medical doctors forgot it in his gut during surgery, in 1974


Weigh-kilogram stone was extracted from bladder Chinese

Chinese doctors announced they had finally succeeded in the extraction of stone weighing over a kilo of bladder sick man at the age of 43 years.

Asian workers in the custody of the child rape of three years in Saudi Arabia

Riot Police Tabuk Saudi Arabia arrested an Asian worker works in the kindergarten Northern Area Armed Forces Hospital, Western charges of rape of a child of three years. He had expounded media spokesman Police Tabuk Major Khalid Ghabban it was reported to the police station red Tabuk book officer patrol group military police, including a tip for a resident on exposure-old daughter three years for sexual assault while in the presence Department kindergarten Armed Forces Hospital Tabuk by a staff of the nationality of an East Asian, an official delivery of meals and feeding to the nursery.

Catching a fish alive from lung Indian child!!

اصطياد سمكة حية من رئة طفل هندي !!
Doctors were able to extract a small fish of lung Indian child of 12 years through surgery in India. It was reported that the child named Anil perilla swallowed a small fish when he was swimming in a river.

Obama writes letter of apology to a student is absent from school because of

أوباما يكتب رسالة اعتذار لطالب تغيب عن المدرسة بسببه
The 11-year-old child from the state of Minnesota American good excuse to skip school, not a vision of the country's president as well as access to a letter signed by him.

Arrest of an American mother led her and her baby is above the surface of the car!

اعتقال أم أمريكية قادت سيارتها وطفلها الرضيع موجود فوق سطح السيارة!
Police in the U.S. city of Phoenix, they had arrested a woman from marijuana smokers after leading her car by mistake and her baby is above the surface of the car seat for children.


Dubai Briton faces jail for up to «15» years in prison for a woman to touch the back of the

Britain is facing Stephen Sheriff, "43" years in prison for a period of "3" to "15" years, accused of touching the back of a woman, and that in the Emirate of Dubai.

Dubai Police arrest man who tortured and killed his daughter

«Facebook founder Zuckerberg» dropped from the list of the forty richest in the world

Lost the founder of the social networking site "Facebook" Mark Zuckerberg about $ 5 billion worth of shares since the stock market world of Facebook. 

Dubai: charged with "indecent assault under duress" to an Arab by the hand of his master by force

دبي: توجيه تهمة
Looked at the Dubai Criminal Court, held under the chairmanship of Judge Maher Salama al-Mahdi, and the membership of judges, Ahmed Abdel Mohsen Abdel-Aziz al-Saadani, the issue of sales 

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