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Arrest of an American mother led her and her baby is above the surface of the car!

اعتقال أم أمريكية قادت سيارتها وطفلها الرضيع موجود فوق سطح السيارة!
Police in the U.S. city of Phoenix, they had arrested a woman from marijuana smokers after leading her car by mistake and her baby is above the surface of the car seat for children.

Said James Holmes, spokesman for Phoenix police that the child fell over the car at an intersection and was found safe and strapped in the seat. He added that the mother and 19-year-old was taken to jail on charges of child abuse and aggravated assault. The boy was taken to a local hospital as a precautionary measure under the auspices of the child protection system in the state.

Holmes said in a written statement that it seems that the mother and the child placed on the roof of the car and started forgetting he was still above the surface. Police said the mother and her boyfriend were smoking marijuana in the garden with the child and then left to buy beer in the late hours of Friday evening. And stopped the police car and a friend were arrested on suspicion of the mother under his leadership the car under the influence of anesthetic.

Holmes said that the police learned that the mother was very upset for the arrest of her boyfriend and headed for her car to her friend's house and the marijuana smoke.
He said she left around midnight and the child was asleep in his chair and placed over the surface of the car. He said that the mother did not realize it seems there is no baby until after they arrive home.

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