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Briton stabbed to death by his father because he thought that a vampire

بريطاني يطعن والده حتى الموت لاعتقاده بأنه مصاص دماء
The oldest British man stabbed his father to death for his belief that a vampire.

The newspaper «Mirror» The Tony and Luton (47 years) suffering from paranoid schizophrenia oldest to kill his father when he was stabbed to eat raw steak in the belief that a vampire.

The newspaper added that the doctors who treated the Luton and just hours before the crime did not find any reason to take him to the hospital after his health deteriorated.

The newspaper pointed out that Joan and Tony's mother woke up later to her son screaming «Satan will avenge you» while he was stabbing his father, Terence (71 years) until death, the Crown Court also heard in the town of Maidstone.

She said that Tony admitted charges of manslaughter before the court and ruled that his detention for an indefinite period in the health unit are locked.

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