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Or prison because of her children absent from school

سجن أم بسبب تغيب أطفالها عن المدرسة

A British court sentenced a woman on charges of absent children 3 continuously for the school, and the failure to ensure they go to it on a regular basis.
The Magistrate's Court issued in Truro in Cornwall County, sentenced to 8 weeks and added to the sentence for a period of 12 weeks suspended previously implemented the right of women, which did not reveal her identity for legal reasons.

The court heard that the children of 3, aged 6, 14 and 15 years, were absent from school despite the fact that their mother faced trial 4 times before because of this absence, which resulted in 3 of them for sentencing right to serve the community and the rule banning of curfew.

The Magistrate's Court in Truro, sentenced to prison for 12 weeks against women last July, but halted its implementation for 12 months.
And told Kevin Hill, the prosecutor on behalf of the local authority, the Court, that the children "were absent from school on several occasions that their shift has not improved despite the prosecution of former parent abuses such."

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