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A British baby is deprived of tears and laughter because of a rare disease

رضيع بريطاني محروم من البكاء والضحك بسبب مرض نادر
Not a rare disease deprives the child the British "Cody James" of smiles and tears, but deprived him of the ability to show any expressions or emotions and facial.

James Child - aged 13 months - born infected with a nervous disorder called syndrome "Mobius," a rare condition affecting two million in each of the world, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail" the British.

Kim Aistoal - the mother of the child - said that there were only 124 children in Britain suffer from this condition that affects facial paralysis and inability to move the eyes.

And seemed Aistoal resident in the town of Helston sad and said: "It's very clever child and beautiful .. My heart is pulsing, because I would never see my son smile for me. " She added: "Although he does not smile, but we know that lack of happy laughter .. It made great progress .. Everything must be done to make it a great effort. "The child's parents have discovered his injury in this case the moment of birth; with no screaming or your web like other children when the governors, which have suffered panic.

After a period of time, they noticed a state of paralysis affecting the face and he can not smile, they rose by submitting it to his doctor that a person Mobius syndrome.

Not only did the parents of the child and the search for a cure for their son, but decided to help other children who suffer from the same situation to donate funds to support scientific research aimed to reach a cure for this problem

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