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Weigh-kilogram stone was extracted from bladder Chinese

Chinese doctors announced they had finally succeeded in the extraction of stone weighing over a kilo of bladder sick man at the age of 43 years.

Doctors working in a public hospital in the city «Wuhan» They said they did not believe what they saw at first glance when exposed X-ray images for a spherical body huge inside bladder of the patient, which is the body that turns out to be a stone giant was formed over the years as a result of deposition of layers of minerals and proteins.

After extraction of kidney stone, it became clear that weigh more than a kilogram and that the length of a diameter of 11 cm, and mean it the second largest stone is unprecedented in terms of weight and size at the level of China.

In this volume, the kidney stone was filled with about 95 percent of the cavity of the patient's bladder, which means that he was facing unbearable suffering in the discharge of urine.

The head of the team surgeons Wu Tianping it was the largest stone extracted oversaw the length of his career, pointing out that the largest stone extracted at all on the level of China and the world was weighing 2400 grams and was in the bladder Arbainet Chinese woman in 2009.

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