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Argentine city plans to distribute 10 thousand whistle on women to avoid rape

مدينة أرجنتينية تعتزم توزيع 10 آلاف صافرة على السيدات لتجنب الاغتصاب
Plans to the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina, south of, the distribution of 10 thousand whistle on the ladies, in order to be used to alert when the occurrence of any sexual assaults on them, after he was reported last month for three crimes of this kind in the region.

She is responsible of human development in the municipality of the city, I am Janus, said in remarks published in the newspaper (Clarin) that whistles "are not plastic, but professional and has a special voice draws attention immediately."

She added that the city authorities purchased whistles for about 200 thousand citizens thanks to corporate donations, and will begin distribution in the coming days, said: "We consider it an additional tool to protect us. People are scared and we have to recognize this. It has another idea, say it."

Whistles and bought authorities after it was reported last month for three cases of rape and assault attempts in the city, located about 1.8 kilometers south of the capital Buenos Aires.

And confirmed that it will be in charge of the distribution of whistles to parents who also need it for their children "if they are exposed to attack at their exit from school." She added that "a precautionary measure used since several years. We can not leave the women and boys carrying a weapon to defend themselves from attack. It is better to use the whistle."

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