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Pictures .. fox attacking a baby in its cradle and nibbles finger

Fox attacked a baby at the age of one month in London, and dragged him from his bed and biting his finger, according to the Web site, "Sky News" British, today.

The child was seriously injured after he infiltrated the animal to his bedroom in Bromley, south-east London and eroding his hand, and became aware of the child's mother screaming and rushed to his room to see his hand in the mouth of the fox. After a short struggle, the mother was able to keep her baby fox, where his finger had ruptured.

The child was hospitalized, where he managed Cosmetic surgeons of his finger back to his place, which is currently recovering at home after the surgery, and police are investigating now in a fox attack on baby. According to preliminary information, the fox has entered the family home through a rear door was open.

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