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U.S. deaf child the joy of hearing the voice of his mother for the first time - video

فرحة طفل أمريكي أصم بسماع صوت أمه لأول مرة - فيديو
Detect video posted on the website "YouTube", for a moment of humanity wonderful, reflected the joy of a child of two years only, while the mystery of the moment shaking emotions and shed tears from the eyes, is that the deaf child has been able to hear the voice of his mother for the first time in his life.

The newspaper "Daily Mail" the British, the great American child, who proclaimed in the tape as the "Cooper" was screaming with joy too, as he listened to the voice of his mother pronounced his name, after it was put on the headset industrial left ear.

And spontaneously innocent person, "Cooper" his arms for most recently, and started laughing interacting with the noise around him, he looked wonderingly severe, where the opening of a whole new to him, to communicate with the world around him, the sounds come to his ears as if poured in them joy.

At the same time, the child has been one of my hands constantly refers to his ears, where they placed the headset, while some were busy playing time cubes. He expressed admiration video viewers the video, someone says "I started to smile, even before watching the video, it is wonderful."

The newspaper said: Although the "Cooper" spent the first two years of his life in complete silence, but it certainly will be able to speak after a while, because the old is still young.

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