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Pakistani arrested a gang stealing women's hair dead meat!

القبض على عصابة باكستانية تسرق شعر النساء الميتات!

Local police managed to boycott the "staff" was in Pakistan's Sindh province arrested two people belonged to the gang carried out heinous crimes in the theft of hair top women after the exhumation of graves for the purpose of selling.

Were arrested gang members after a telephone call received by the local police, which, in turn, broke into a house located on the street "Klhoa" zone "for staff," and arrested two people claim acceptable Ahmed and Ahmed Sajjad, explained preliminary investigations conducted by the police with them that they are based work gruesome months ago in various cemeteries in the area "to staff," and was watching the bodies of modern burial they extracted at night and get her hair and then re-buried.

The defendants acknowledged that they they sold the hair to the dealer in the area, "Multan" for 6 thousand rupees per kilogram (equivalent to about U.S. $ 60), which was in turn exported to a hair out of Pakistan. For its part, issued a local court in the region is to imprison the accused to complete the investigation process.

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