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Sudan: penalty for 7 men raped girl

السودان: الإعدام لـ 7 رجال اغتصبوا طفلة

Lawyer announced that the Sudanese court sentenced to death by hanging to death on 7 men convicted of raping a child at the age of 4 years after drugged, in a rare incident in the Sudan.

The judge ruled Ahmed Khalil sea, sentenced to 10 years in prison reformer 6 others convicted in the same case, also said lawyer, Salma Mohammed Ahmed Hamed.

The lawyer added, that the Court of child in Omdurman, "found guilty of raping a child and according to the evidence presented to them."

She explained that "the crime occurred in May 2012, when the men kidnapped the 13 child and gave her a glass of juice which is a drug and gang raped."
She pointed out that "the child treated in a specialized centers and returned to school."

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