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Cristiano Ronaldo refuses to give the Portuguese girl for wearing a shirt signed Barcelona

كريستيانو رونالدو يرفض منح طفلة برتغالية توقيعه لارتدائها قميص برشلونة
Cristiano Ronaldo, a player refuses to give his signature to a child was wearing a shirt Portuguese Spanish club Barcelona.

According to the media that "Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese captain and Player of the Spanish club Real Madrid, refused to sign the image she was carrying a child (10 years) wearing a Barcelona shirt."

And across the girl's father Robert Felipe of "extreme anger of the player in a letter sent to local newspapers," saying that "Ronaldo, the oldest on the disposal of a controversial following the conclusion of training his team in preparation for the European Championships, where the refusal to grant his signature on the" Aotograf "for his daughter because of encouragement for FC Barcelona. "

The father added that he "took his daughter to watch the Portugal training in preparation for Euro 2012, was very happy to see her favorite star team on the field and within meters of them, led by Cristiano Ronaldo."

He continued by saying that the Father, "the commander of the Portuguese national team robbed his daughter's happiness and joy tempered, and after that a group in her face and turned her back and refused to give his signature on Alautwgraf own only because it encourages love and FC Barcelona."

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