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Researchers: man to be alone with a woman for an exciting 5 minutes endure stress

باحثون: خلوة الرجل بامرأة مثيرة لـ 5 دقائق تصيبه بالإجهاد
Concluded researchers from the University of Valencia Spanish that man to be alone with a woman for 5 minutes only capable of that stress affects men, especially if what this woman was exciting, because of the secretion of the hormone "cortisol" responsible for the stress in the body.

Even if the man tried to collect the position with a beautiful lady sees it that neutralizes her eyesight, but that does not prevent the secretion of the hormone the body of the "cortisol." The scientists attribute this to the man, unable to stop thinking of women in front of him even if he turns a view, or because it is the latest thinking on how to identify them and establish a relationship with them.

Though the scientists stress the importance of the secretion of the "cortisol" for humans, but they draw attention to it must be a low level, because the high level of this hormone leads to serious diseases of the heart and blood pressure and diabetes, in addition to diseases that may lead infection to sexual dysfunction.

The study emphasizes that the high rate of "cortisol" occurs during a woman strange man to be alone with him, and increases the rate of secretion of this hormone as a woman is more exciting. This study did not indicate whether the level of the "cortisol," the rise of a man with non-traditional sexual orientation in the case of a man who impressed.

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