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Drug Cures "love" and relieves the heart of the bitterness of separation!

عقار يشفي من

If your marriage is on the line and you afraid of forbearance hardship dimension and separation and would like to accept it with an open mind and a smile deep and very easily, this has become easy Hydrologists Oxford British conducted research for the production of drug cures disease "love" and relieves the heart of the bitterness of separation.

Drs Anders Sandberg and Dr. Julian Savulescu forward a research paper entitled "Chemistry between us," authorities discussing how to enable gender bear parting each other through the mitigation of desire female to get Hanan partner can also reduce sexual desire between Trevi and the desire to start a family and have children, of course, it is only if the doses of the hormone oxytocin and vasopressin are hormones responsible for love between the spouses and chemical integration between them.

As has been the experience of therapy on mice were indistinguishable from their spouses and did not produce any side effects of the drug, and can these pills can improve brain chemistry but remains impact temporarily as described by scientists who emphasized that the actual treatment is within our reach and lies in taking a firm decision and possess a strong will Breakups.

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