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Amusement game save British girl from certain death!

لعبة ملاهي تنقذ فتاة بريطانية من موت محقق!
Caused the game to within one of the amusement parks in the survival of a British girl from certain death. The Emma Bassett (19 years) suffering severe headaches and dizziness as a result of her brain tumor is about to kill it before getting in the game known as the (roller coaster).

The newspaper (Daily Mail) that Emma had been shocked after comments of the doctors reported that they remained alive because of the roller coaster ride that led to the redistribution of fluid that causes pressure on the skull.

The newspaper reported that doctors discovered a malignant tumor when she was a girl at the age of 12 years, and was causing her severe headaches and dizziness, and continued tumor growth is not significant until I was nine years old, and was about to kill it.

He warned doctors, then, the girl's parents that it is necessary to conduct emergency surgery for their daughter to remove the tumor, but this type of surgery often have side effects negative and requires patient care around the clock since the tumor is wrapped completely around the brain cells and remove the damage can not be cured to brain cells. The newspaper said the girl's mother took her in the beginning before the discovery of the tumor to an ophthalmologist who in turn converts it to a doctor's brain and nerves, which discovered that the cause of the suffering of the girl due to a tumor the size of a large hamper the passage of liquid bio about brain Emma and they have survived because they went a week ago for the amusement park and installed the roller coaster that has worked on re-distribution means the brain due to movement of the body upside down; slower than eliminate the risk of tumor it.

The doctors said that Emma will be in urgent need of two operations, is in the first removal of fluid from the skull, and in the other to remove a malignant tumor, but it will probably paralyzed. But after seven years has improved the health status of Emma significantly and began to learn to walk and talk again, and was able to overcome this difficult period of her life with the support of her family.

Now, remember Emma and placed after the operation, saying: "I was not incapable to walk or talk or even eat, but I was determined that I'll be able to walk again, and Avenge malignant tumor." She says happily: "The last rays proved my lack of effects for the return of a malignant tumor again." Currently, Emma is considering to become a school and participate in a global campaign to raise awareness of brain tumors.

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