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Saudi discovers in his gut "medical gauze" in 39 years!

سعودي يكتشف في أحشائه
Saudi injured Ali Mohamed al-Shahrani panic when he learned that the tumor, which was suffering from 30 years ago is nothing but gauze medical doctors forgot it in his gut during surgery, in 1974

The newspaper "had" Saudi Arabia, to-Shahrani suffered pain sharp and tiring during these years due to medical error, where he underwent an appendectomy in a government hospital in Riyadh in 1974, and has been practicing his life normally after the operation, but it had a complaint in a permanent tract.

He said: "I checked a lot of doctors tract in private hospitals and the public inside and outside the Kingdom, and spent a lot of effort and money did not get the result, so I went in the month of August of last year to Egypt and conducted some tests that showed that I had a tumor above the bladder size 5 × 4.5 cm ".

And complement, saying: "They asked me to approve the textile analysis to find out the type of tumor I refused it and returned to the Kingdom and went to King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh and opened the file there was interest in the situation and I had some pictures and analyzes that have proved the presence of tumor is unknown kind."

He says, "I had an operation was a success and thankfully, the tumor was extracted and analyzed, but the surprise is shown by the results, where it became clear that the tumor is a gauze of the impact of the previous operation."

Shahrani and appealed to the Ministry of Health to investigate the case and compensate for this error which caused him trouble for decades, and has had effects on the psyche after being informed the presence of tumor in addition to losses of tests and reviews.

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