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Brazilian child wakes up from the dead students a glass of water from his father and then die again!

طفل برازيلى يستيقظ من الموت طالباً كوب ماء من والده ثم يموت مجدداً!
While all family members gathered in a state of sadness about the coffin of their child's two-year "Kelvin," which was handed over to them the hospital in a plastic bag after the announcement of his death after a failed operation in the respiratory, if the child stand up sitting in his casket open one hour before the date of the funeral, to ask from his father a cup of water, then falls asleep to come back to die again.

According to newspaper The Daily Mail newspaper, that the incident provoked amazement family "Kelvin Santos," the child Brazil, which did not exceed year-old two years, having received his body was "dead" from the hospital, and they are in a state of sadness and crying deeply, and then gathered for a consolation on his casket open to bid farewell to the child throughout the night before the burial on Saturday morning, but he surprised them waking up from the dead one hour before the official date of the funeral, to ask his father a cup of water, and falls asleep again, leaving them in a state of stunned disbelief that scene.

He said, "Antonio Santos:" we were a state of panic and scream, until everyone felt that a miracle from heaven, brought life to the body, "Kelvin," which lost him for several hours, which prompted us to try to wake him up again and shook his body, but to no avail, he returned to die again, without any sign of life, I did not find in my power but to return it immediately to the hospital "Aberlardo" which made the process of pneumonia, which died on impact, and there returned the doctors examined him and confirmed his death did not find any of them a rational explanation for the incident on his return from the dead !

The newspaper added that the father went to make a report to the police station, accusing the hospital of negligence, after he is satisfied that the child victim of medical negligence.
He said "several hours before the incident wake-up" Kelvin "announced the hospital and his death and handed me his body in a plastic bag, probably does not have doctors examined him well, it is natural to wake up the dead to drink water and then return to die again, I'm determined to find out the truth!

While the doctors confirmed that the child was hospitalized in critical condition and died at seven o'clock on Friday evening, following the failure of the respiratory, did not find the father seemed to carry the child back from the hospital, non-container of what is happening around him, could not only delay the funeral of child pending for another miracle.

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